iPhone First Aid Tips: How To Fix iPhone’s That Refuse To Turn On

There are times where your iPhone would not turn on, and it sends you spiraling into oblivion. But if you have been an iPhone user for a long time, you are not a stranger to this kind of shenanigans. However, if, at some point, you are a first time user, I am pretty sure that you are losing your mind seeing that your iPhone is not working or functioning properly.

Of course, there are some things that you could do to check if you can resolve that obstacle, or you need a helping hand that might cause extra money out of your pocket. But it sort of easy to identify the root cause of the problem since there are only three possible cases of what fosters that kind of dilemma.

What Causes Your iPhone To Behave Like That

Here are some of the reasons why your iPhone won’t turn on. First is that it may have a software error and in that case, prevents your home screen from doing its job, or it might be in sleep mode, and in order to get rid of it, you have to restart your phone. Second is the battery might be drained or dead and that it would not charge because your charger or it might be your cable hit a snag. And lastly, is that maybe your iPhone is experiencing a grave and pressing hardware complication that needs professional help.

These are some of the stuff that you could emulate to bring your iPhone back to life.

Charging Drained Battery

One of the most obvious things that your iPhone refuses to turn on is that its battery might have been drained, so you have to get a grip and not let the panic sink in. Get your charge and charge it for a good 15 minutes. It may turn on automatically, or you have to awaken it by giving your power button a stunning push.

Charger and Lightning Cable Dilemma

If you probably run out of battery and it would not charge, the apparent reason for that is there is an issue with your charger or maybe the cable. iPhone cables are usually one of the most common originators of problems on the iPhone. When not taken care of correctly, it exhibits a tear that leads to it not performing its duties.

Restarting Your iPhone

One of the most useful, oldest, and most basic rules in the book is to restart your iPhone when some crazy stuff arises. This may not be written down, but once your iPhone is having a mix-up and stuff, you can do the first thing to remedy that hitch to restart it. 

It is very simple and effortless. The thing you should undertake or carry out to restart your iPhone is to hold the power button and the volume down button for 5 seconds. After that, it will show the slide to power off, and you just have to follow that. 

Resetting Your iPhone

Resetting your iPhone can sometimes end your troubles. This process ends up erasing and banishing all your data on your iPhone, so before doing it, be sure to backup all your essential data to avoid dreadful loss.

Repair Alternatives

If you have set foot at this point and still find your iPhone in the same situation as before, you might consider buying a new one. When you have tons of money in your pocket, then you can proceed to seek professional help in your nearest Apple Store. Doing that can be somewhat expensive. The repair services offered in the Apple Store usually replace every damaged part of your iPhone, making buying a new one a sound solution.

And if your iPhone is still under the warranty period, you might still be lucky. As long as it is no physical damage or a physical one because if your iPhone’s damage is within that circle, then consider buying a brand new one, but if it is not, then Apple will shelter the fee of the said repair. But if your warranty is already expired, I suggest you visit a reliable repair shop that you can trust. In that way, you can save up compared to the pricey cost of repair with Apple.  


So at this juncture, you may have had an idea or might have fixed your phone or probably not. Still, if by the grace of God, this article helps you solve that issue, then congratulations are in order. Aside from that, you save tons and tons of money by just being patient, so cheers to that.

And suppose you are still figuring out the nitty-gritty of your phone. In that case, your mind is running for a hundred kilometers per second because you have not figured out how to make it work. I suggest you visit a repair shop that you trust and ask for their opinion about why it was not turning on.