Adaptive Fashion: 4 Wardrobe Essentials for Ladies With Physical Disabilities

Young woman is sitting on the floor with clothes wearing hat

One in four American women has some sort of disability. That’s a lot of people looking for fashion choices that are both attractive and accessible.

So, what clothing should you be shopping for to help you look great easily? Check out these top wardrobe essentials for women with physical disabilities.

1. The Right Jeans

Jeans that are comfortable and attractive can be hard to find for people with disabilities. This is especially true for wheelchair users, who may find sitting in jeans for long periods of time uncomfortable.

But, there are still options. Buying maternity jeans can be one good choice since they’re looser in the stomach. Jeans made up of stretchier materials, like jeggings, are also helpful.

There are also specialized pants made to help out people with disabilities. You can find options with magnetic buttons or zippers that are easier to maneuver with one hand.

2. Choose Shoes

Depending on your physical disability, your shoes may need specialized features. Shoes with velcro straps instead of laces, for example, can be useful for people with dexterity issues.

Slip-on shoes are easy and come in a wide variety of different colors and designs. If you have lace-up shoes, you can switch out the laces for elastic shoelaces to make them easier to wear.

3. Looser-Fitting Tops

Super-tight clothing can be difficult to navigate. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t find looser tops that are comfortable and cute. Shirts with wider necklines are much easier to get on or off.

Shirts with lots of hardware are often uncomfortable, so look for simpler designs. Shirts with pull tag openers can help you dress more easily, while still looking cute. 

If you’d like to show off some skin, look for tank tops and other shoulderless tops in floaty, soft fabrics. You’ll look amazing while staying comfortable. You can pair these tops with your new stretchy pants.

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4. Accessorize Right

There are so many different types of fashion you can use, even when you’re considering disability and fashion. In the summertime, big floppy hats add a touch of drama. Add a pair of big sunglasses to make yourself look like an old-time movie star!

For something simpler, look at headbands and other hair accessories. Make sure you color-coordinate with your jewelry and the rest of your outfit, so you don’t end up clashing and drawing attention in the wrong way.

And, you can never go wrong with makeup! Keep it simple with brightly colored lipstick. Consider different eyeshadows and eyeliners to highlight your great eyes.

Try Out These Accessible Wardrobe Essentials Today

Now that you know about these wardrobe essentials for women with physical disabilities, it’s time to start shopping.

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