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Cleaning the Forgettable: Five Important Home Spots People Often Forget to Clean

There is more to cleaning your home than just vacuuming, dusting, washing the dishes, and doing laundry. These are just the basics of maintaining the household. Including sanitizing countertops and cleaning your outdoor area, some maintenance tasks are easy to forget and just as important. Here are five tasks of which you need to be mindful:

1. Cleaning the refrigerator coils

There’s more to cleaning and decluttering your refrigerator than just throwing out expired products and scrubbing the insides. Keeping your fridge running cold without wasting electricity is just as important. To do this, you also need to clean the refrigerator coils. You can locate the coils either along the bottom or at the back of the fridge.

These coils are responsible for cooling and condensing the refrigerant that keeps the inside cold. They can be full of dust and dirt. Dirt and other residues can affect the refrigeration process. This can prevent the fridge from working efficiently. It would be like asking it to work harder when you don’t even give the care that it needs.

2. Maintaining the dryer hose and vent

When have you last thought of cleaning your laundry room? Have you been cleaning your dryer? Cleaning your dryer is not only to have clean equipment and clothes, but it’s a matter of safety as well. Dirty and inefficient dryer vents are one of the leading causes of domestic dryer fires

This is why dryers should be cleaned and maintained at least once a year. Washing your dryer is a do-it-yourself task you can handle within a couple of hours. Doing this extends your appliance’s life, completely dries your clothes, and a clearer lint screen.

3. Cleaning the washing machine

While you’re still in your laundry room, cleaning your washing machine is just as important as cleaning your dryer and everything else in your home. Washing machines also get dirty over time, leaving scum of soap and grime built up. Maintaining your washing machine is essential to prevent unwanted smells and mold. Do this every six months, and your appliance will stay efficient and clean.

4. Keeping your home air quality safe and clean

So many people just love room sprays and scented candles. But did you know scented candles might be slowly poisoning you? While these lovely-smelling candles vaporize provide your home with a desirable ambiance, it can be unsafe to inhale at high doses and regular use, according to The New York Times.

A task that can improve your air quality is cleaning your exhaust fans and filters whenever needed. Whether it’s in the bathroom or the kitchen, both deserve cleaning and maintenance. Replacing your air filter is also one of the things that you can easily forget in maintaining a home. While you can do this by yourself, it is also important to properly maintain your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, especially if you hear or feel something suspicious. You can hire an air duct cleaning service so professionals can figure out what’s wrong and resume your convenience. 

You don’t necessarily need to vacuum your air ducts every few months since it can just spread dust all over the room. Still, if you’ve been suspecting a problem for a while, then it’s time to get some help from a professional. There can be something hindering your system and reducing your home’s air quality.

Another thing people often forget is the range hood in their kitchen. The hood can also eventually get bogged down with grease and grime, which would make it less effective, leaving the air in your kitchen unsafe. You can easily find replacement filters online or at hardware stores. If it’s still completely usable, cleaning it should suffice. Either way, you should check it at least once a year.

5. Cleaning the gutter

This can be another total inconvenience to you, but you shouldn’t neglect this critical home maintenance task. A combination of fallen leaves, moss, twigs, and other debris can be up there, eventually. It can be worse when wet since leaves can stick to the walls of the gutter, and the flow of rainwater or snow gets lodged in its corners and downpipes. 

If you neglect this, the leaves turn into fertile compost, which is the beginning ground for seeds, moss, and weeds. These weeds can grow invasive and take over your gutter and downpipes. So don’t wait for it to get worse, and start cleaning your gutter regularly to avoid further and even costly problems.

Running a household is no walk in the park and not easy. While doing the laundry can be exhausting enough, these maintenance tasks can be more challenging if you don’t take the time and effort to get these five things fixed. So, it’s also essential to make a schedule and stick to it and ask for some help if you need to.

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