Above Ground Pool Prices: Is It Worth It?

An above ground pool sets on a concrete pad in the backyard on a sunny summer day.

Wondering if the cost of keeping cool is worth it? Pools aren’t cheap, but not all of them have to break the bank. 

An above-ground pool could be just what you need in your backyard, but there are a few things to consider before diving in. 

The Cost

An above-ground pool costs several thousand dollars. And depending on the pool you get, you will also have other costs like maintenance and installation, unless you choose to do it yourself.

An above-ground pool might be worth it considering the low price tag. However, the price isn’t set in stone and you may find the option you want isn’t within the limits listed above.

The Size

The size of your pool, including how deep it is, obviously impacts the price. A bigger and more solid pool will cost you more. You can get blow-up pools that are 13 feet or more for a good price, but that pool won’t work for everyone.

The materials used to build the pool will also impact the price. But consider what you want to use the pool for and how long you want it around. A blowup pool could be great for a few summer parties, whereas a big steel pool will last you much longer.

Pool Brand

The brand of pool you buy will change the price, and use caution when picking brands. You want to be careful not to end up with cheap quality for a cheap price. You might find a very cheap pool being sold on Amazon or eBay and have it barely last a day before it springs a leak.

Check the brand and the reviews to ensure you’re getting what you pay for.  When you’re considering a pool, you want to check it out in every way possible before buying.

In or Above

There are so many options for in-ground and above-ground pools, it can be hard to know what’s right for you. An above-ground pool is movable and cheaper. But it also won’t add value to the house and may be more prone to leaks. 

Whether you want a small above-ground pool or want to look at deep above-ground pools will depend on your yard and what you want to use the pool for. If you consider all your options and your budget, you’ll be sure to make the right decision.

Above Ground Pool Prices

Above-ground pool prices are about 3 to 5 times cheaper than in-ground pools, and you can cut those costs even more. If you can install your pool yourself, or get it put in your yard during the off-season, you will likely save a few bucks. 

So don’t sweat the small stuff with your pool choices. Base your decision on your research, backyard capacity, and the depth of your wallet, and you’ll be in good shape come summer. And if this helped you learn more about above-ground pools, keep reading for more good tips.

Hemant Kumar
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