4 Safety Tips for Beginner Drivers

Driving is objectively scary. With one person operating an incredibly heavy, fast-moving piece of metal, an accident occurs nearly every minute in the United States.

However, driving is sometimes an inevitable part of life. Luckily, there are steps you can take to be a safe driver and help protect yourself and your passengers while operating a vehicle.

If you’re new to being behind the wheel, be sure to keep reading for some of the best tips for beginner drivers to feel safe.

1. Defensive Driving

A defensive driver is a safe driver! Practicing passive driving can help keep you and those around you safe on the road. 

Though it can be easy to get angry with other drivers, keeping your cool and practicing defensive driving is a great way to prevent unnecessary accidents on the road. 

Things like providing enough following space, moving out of the way for other cars, and slowing down at intersections can help reduce the risk of crashes. There’s no shame in taking your time to arrive at your destination safely!

2. Do Not Disturb

While your driving school instructor has likely emphasized the dangers of texting behind the wheel, the distractions phones cause are serious. The best way to deter phone-related accidents is to put your phone in a safe spot.

You don’t want to turn it off or put it somewhere far in case of an emergency, but one of the best driving tips is to turn on a distraction-free mode that limits how often you are bothered by notifications.

3. Prepare Your Car Before You Put it in Drive

Much like setting your phone on silent, you’ll want to get your car ready before you begin driving.

Often, we’re in a rush to get somewhere and attempt to multitask while driving. Though these aren’t seen as typical distractions, they still deter your focus from the road and prevent you from being a safe driver.

Old and new drivers alike should get their car ready before putting it in drive. Adjusting mirrors, setting up your music or radio, and fixing your seat should be done while safely in park. 

4. Give Yourself Extra Time

Finally, one of the most important driving tips is to give yourself ample time to get to your destination. When you speed, you’re more likely to drive unsafely, and you run the risk of getting pulled over.

Instead, ensuring that you have time to spare when driving to your destination can help you drive safely, abide by speed limits and local laws, and arrive on time.

Similarly, in instances of inclement weather, you’ll want to give yourself even more time to navigate wet, windy, or foggy roads.

Follow These Vital Safety Tips for Beginner Drivers

Though driving can be intimidating, the freedom a license offers is unparalleled. However, driving safely is crucial to enjoying this independence.

New drivers, it’s essential to remember that you can only control what you do behind the wheel. Don’t worry whether other drivers will be annoyed if you’re being cautious. Instead, follow all speed limits, and trust your abilities!

If you found these tips for beginner drivers to stay safe while on the road informative, be sure to visit the rest of our website for more great auto tips and tricks.