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6 Types of Cabinets to Get from Suppliers in Utah

Cabinet suppliers in Utah offer all types of cabinets, including shaker, slab, inset, louvered, distressed, and beadboard.


Shaker cabinets, the most popular style offered by suppliers in the United States today, are made of five flat-panel pieces, four of which frame a center one that is inset. Shakers originated in the 1770s, but their practical and versatile nature has helped them last through the ages. Most shakers are made with high-quality wood such as maple, hickory, cherry, and oak, although they can be stained to match a home’s interior design. As a result, they perfectly mesh tradition with modernization, making them especially appealing in kitchens around the world today.


Flat panels, or slabs, portray a minimalist look with hard lines and a lack of detail while still maintaining an air of attractive simplicity. They are not embellished or ornamented, but they’re often built by suppliers in Utah with solid hardwood, which usually comes in unique, colorful patterns. In addition, their flat nature makes the cleaning process very simple, as they are easily wiped down.


Inset-style cabinets consist of an inset door set inside the frame. Although the construction process is far more complex than other types, insets are personalized by Utah suppliers easily and can last years.


Louvered cabinets, designed by suppliers like louvered shutters and doors with overlapping horizontal wooden slats, are pricey but stunning. In addition, they provide ventilation, which can be beneficial for wet dishes in the kitchen and wet towels and other items in the bathroom.


Distressed cabinets, commonly featured in antique houses, are available in any door style. After construction, the drawers are “distressed” to create a rare, antiquated look. Unfortunately, distressed cabinets may cost up to twenty percent more from suppliers than other types, such as slabs and shakers.


Beadboards, designed by suppliers in Utah with rows of vertical planks and ridges (beads), compliment country farmhouse and cottage-style kitchens the best. While louvered ones are unique, slabs are modern, and distressed cabinets are nostalgic, beadboards combine simplicity and dynamics in a way that no other type does. Although upkeep can be a pain, as they are decorated with cracks and crevices throughout, beadboards offer a look that is difficult to match.

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