6 Best Tourism Places to Visit in Jakarta

Visiting Jakarta will never be complete if you have not visited some famous tourist icons there.

To give you some idea, below are some Jakarta tourist icons that you can visit if you are on vacation there.

1. Kota Tua

It is amazing: Kota Tua is Jakarta’s Old Town, and it is generally the primary stop for tourists and travelers in the city.  That is hardly surprising — the oldest and most historical buildings in the colonial era are located here!  The town’s unique downtown includes Dutch-style squares and tons of background to discover.

After the century, the buildings had been quickly deteriorating. Still, many of them were restored because the area had been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2014. Learn more about the structure and trendy road food stains either on foot or by bicycle! Well, a fantastic place to begin is Fatahillah Square. This can be a slap bang in the center of Kota Tua (what was formerly called Old Batavia). Around the square, there are loads of museums where you can consume Jakarta’s colonial background or locate some exceptional exhibitions.   

2. Merdeka Square

It is amazing: If you are traveling solo and wish to create some friends in Jakarta, you are bound to encounter somebody at Merdeka Square.  And, of course, the oppressive traffic, which is permanently gridlocked! The square is based around the National Monument, standing 132 meters high. There is an intriguing museum at the bottom, but if you are unafraid of peaks and need some fantastic images, then head into the observation deck on the very top!

Things to do: Along with frightening the square and going to the national monument, there is a lot to do.  One of the most crucial factors of interest in Jakarta encircles Merdeka Square.  You’ll find the National Gallery, the Merdeka and Negara Palaces, along with the National Museum, which we will tell you more about afterward! On weekend evenings, do not overlook the magnificent fountain series complete with music and lights.

3. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Why is it amazing: Running low Jakarta holiday ideas?  Head here, where they have thought of everything. The one thing they forgot was enormous — it covers a vast area.  However, naturally, it’s too because it packs parks, an IMAX theatre, a water park, which is only for starters!  This is the best place to select the day with the family, or even just to get a unique and relaxed experience. What to do: Where to get started!  Get a dose of culture by exploring the versions of conventional homes from across the nation. It is also possible to take home some cool ribbons because there’s a traditional handicraft marketplace that sells clothes! After that, proceed to a miniature re-creation of one of Indonesia’s main temples, Borobodur. Find someplace to get a yummy, and classic lunch, then visit the atrium on the day, which homes 760 native creatures!  If you are still there during the day (and why would not you’re ), visit one of those regional homes for a free conventional operation!

4.  Glodok Chinatown

It is amazing: Glodok might not be the most tourist-friendly destination, however, it’s home to a number of the greatest places to eat in Jakarta. In our book, that surely makes it worth a trip.  Exotic road food includes a mishmash of influences, and among the most crucial is Chinese.  It is in Glodok where you’ll discover quite a few street food stalls along the narrow pavements, in addition to a range of Chinese restaurants that vary from dingy and silent to upmarket!  It is difficult not to find something yummy here.

What to do: Eateat, eat, eat! The region is home to quite a few silent and tranquil temples, which do not have anywhere close to the amount of audiences since a number of the very popular spiritual websites in Jakarta. They are a terrific spot to relax and consider away in the hustle and bustle of town. Glodok is near Kota Tua, which means that you can readily combine either in a day trip if you’re fancy!

5. Dunia Fantasi

Why it is awesome: Occasionally, cultural attractions can find somewhat tiresome and heavy once you’re traveling with children, so why don’t you mix it up and visit one of the most enjoyable areas in Jakarta — Ancol Dreamland! It will put a face on the grin of the small ones together with spinning teacups and Hello Kitty Dreamland. However, the surliest adolescent will possess their indifferent frown re-arranged from the Hysteria vertical joy ride!  There are nine new attractions aimed at the time of writing (2019) therefore, it is just going to get better from the time you arrive! Things to do: First thing to do from the theme park would make a strategy of those rides you do not wish to miss and visit them. You do not need to spend the afternoon stuck in queues! It is not about rides in this trendy, globally-inspired theme park, however. If you fancy something a bit more relaxed, watch films about Beautiful Indonesia in the onsite Kalila Adventure Animatronic theater!

6.  National Museum

Do not miss the gorgeous elephant statue in the courtyard (it is kind of challenging to move in, actually), which provides it the name it is known among sailors — the Elephant construction.  The museum collection includes over 100,000 posts. These relate to agriculture, art, languages, and faith in Indonesia’s regional and national background. An unmissable Jakarta award!Things to do: If you would like to know about the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia, there is nowhere better to go. If you would like to go farther back in time, check out the display of batik fabrics from the 1st century AD that has been beautifully maintained! You could even locate displays devoted to the 700+ languages spoken throughout the island series, a fantastic way to discover more about life.

Vacation is more than just the scenery or accommodation, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Jakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.