5 of the Best Contact Lens Solutions You Should Be Using

hand of woman holding contact lens, closeup

Are you looking for the best contact lens solutions to use?

There are 45 million people in the US who wear contact lenses. Most need these because they’re born with conditions that affect their eyesight. Lenses help them have a normal sense of sight, provided they’re well taken care of.

You’ll need a superb contact lens solution to do this. Without it, lenses dry up and can damage your eyes when worn.

Read what we’ve prepared below to know the best solutions in the market today. Use these to keep reaping the benefits of wearing contact lenses.

1. Complete Multi-Purpose Solution

Complete’s solution provides you with a formula that will clean soft lenses. The formula is gentle on the eyes, and will also do a good job disinfecting your contact lenses for you. 

How it works is it will dissolve proteins left on the lenses, along with other debris. After six hours of soaking, you can confidently wear them knowing your lenses are clean.

What’s great about Complete’s solution is that it’s affordable. It’s the cheapest one in the market that you know will be reliable.

2. Opti-Free Puremoist

Are you suffering from dry eyes? Opti-Free’s Puremoist solution is the best option for you. It has a HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix formula that coats your contact lenses with moisture to prevent dryness.

What’s great is that it also has two antibacterial solutions with it. These will kill more bacteria than your average contact lens solution.

It gets even better when you follow them up with punctal plugs for dry eyes. These guarantee a moisture barrier that will protect your lenses and eyes from debris and dryness.

3. ACUVUE RevitaLens

Do you have a penchant for travel? Choose ACUVUE Revitalens for maximum convenience and protection. It has a formula that’s great for taking care of the acanthamoeba amoeba.

You can find this amoeba in dirty water, so it’s easy to encounter during your travels. What’s great about this is that it comes in a travel-friendly container. It even passes TSA standards for air travel.

4. Biotrue Bausch + Lomb

Many find contact lens solutions to be irritating. This is often because of the solutions found in the formulas of each solution. If you want to avoid this, Biotrue Bausch + Lomb is best for you.

The solution contains hyaluronan, a compound naturally produced by the eyes. It also matches the PH levels of healthy eyes, making wearing contact lenses feel natural.

5. Renu Bausch + Lomb

Renu Bausch + Lomb stands as the best in the market today. These thoroughly clean lenses in only four hours with its intensive formula. It’s a great choice if you don’t know how to clean your contacts properly.

What’s great is that the solution guarantees to kill 99.9% of bacteria. You need not worry about infections on your eyes when using this. It will provide all-day comfort, but it comes at quite a steep price. 

Know What the Best Contact Lens Solutions Are Today

Wearing your contacts can be an essential part of your life. Get the best contact lens solutions to maintain your lenses’ condition. Making sure to own wearable contact lenses tips the scales to your favor, so get some today!

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