The Secret of Ad Design for Instagram Marketing

Did you know over 17.5% of the world’s population is on Instagram? This enormous figure highlights the potential for increasing brand awareness and making sales if your business can reach even a small fraction of this market. 

But, how can you create the best Instagram ad design that attracts the attention of consumers on this popular platform? With so much online competition, it’s vital to produce the most powerful content that can drive traffic to your Instagram page. The good news is you can follow some simple hints and tips to rise above the noise and establish an Instagram presence. You can buy buy real instagram followers here.

Let’s dive in and learn more about creating effective Instagram ads.

Simplicity Is Key

When learning how to market on Instagram, many people try to fit as much information as possible into each post. But, customers like to know exactly why they should look at your content, and prefer to view simple, uncluttered ads. Consider what message you want to convey, and strip away any details that aren’t absolutely necessary. 

Use Contrasting Colors 

There is plenty of competition in the Instagram marketing world, and you only have a split second to capture your target audience’s attention. By using contrasting colors, you can draw a customer’s eye, and help them focus on the most important elements of your ad. 

Have Consistent Branding 

When you are selling on Instagram, customers should be able to identify your ad as soon as they see it on their screens. Make sure you use the same colors in each advertisement, and always add your logo in a visible location. This approach can help increase your online presence over an extended period.

Use Text Sparingly 

It can be tempting to use a lot of text when designing Instagram ads, but this can distract attention from the main image. While an informative message is helpful, ensure it doesn’t obscure the picture you are using to draw in new followers. 

Split Test Your Ads

It goes without saying you should always use the best SEO practices for Instagram, but you also need to split test your ads. For example, you could take two different photos of a product, and include both images in your ad campaign. While you know the product is the same, consumers might react with enthusiasm to one picture, while displaying little interest in the other. 

This provides you with valuable insights, and you can then use the favored photography style when producing content.

Create Your Perfect Instagram Ad Design

Creating your ideal Instagram ad design can be challenging, but when you get it right, it’s possible to grow your following and gain an enormous amount of new business.

It’s important to keep your advertisements simple and ensure consumers can instantly recognize your branding. In addition, you should keep text use to a minimum and use split testing to determine which type of ads are most profitable.

When you become an Instagram hit, you could take your business to the next level!

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