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5 chairs that are the face of the Bauhaus furniture movement

Bauhaus furniture features some of the most classic pieces you’ll ever come across. Their design is so unique yet ageless, that they fit really well in spaces crafted even today. Bauhaus chairs are especially a trending genre. The pieces in this collection may be crafted by various designers, but they all retain a unique individuality. So further, we’ll be looking at 5 chairs that are the face of this movement:

  1. The Barcelona Chair


If the word ‘timeless’ could be given a physical form, the Barcelona Chair would be it. Designed by the popular architect Mies van der Rohe, this Bauhaus furniture piece is one for the history books. Its impact can be felt on the design landscape of today. The minimalist design, chrome and black aesthetic, and the pure simplicity of this chair makes it an instant classic – something that every furniture aficionado would want to have in their homes.

  1. The Wassily Chair


Inspired by the sleek body of a bicycle, this chair features a tubular structure finished in gorgeous chrome. It’s infinite style and effortless trendiness inspires even today. The unique design of this chair may have become a precedent for other distinct Bauhaus style furniture pieces. It’s extremely elegant and looks amazing in most contemporary interior designs because of its futuristic aura.

  1. The LC3 Armchair


You cannot list the iconic Bauhaus furniture pieces without mentioning Le Corbusier. While an architect by education and profession, Corbusier’s passion for furniture design was truly unparalleled. Out of all his chairs, the LC3 armchair is one of the most renowned and popular ones. The thick design of the chair offers modularity with the cushions, and yet it is completely sleek and inviting at the same time. This ideal balance of comfort, sophistication, and elegance has gone unsurpassed for ages.

  1. The D4 Chair


The collapsible design of the D4 chair makes it an instant hit with all audiences. It was designed by Marcel Breuer and its fully ergonomic design has led it to be one of the most iconic Bauhaus furniture pieces to have hit the market – back then, and today as well. The tubular design with the canvas seat and back ensures sturdiness, comfort, and efficiency – an innovative combination that is as challenging to tackle today as it was in the past.

  1. The Frog Chair


Most Bauhaus furniture features a focus on clean aesthetics and simplicity, so it’s refreshing to see innovation within this little niche with built-in principles. The Frog Chair by Richard Lampert is one of those iconic Bauhaus furniture pieces that you need to carefully look at to pinpoint all the manifestos of the movement in. It’s clearly designed with clean lines, un-embellishment, and ergonomics, but at the same time, the angles, the material combination, and stackable designing makes it so much more!

These are some of the chairs that have become the very face of the Bauhaus movement. They’re innovative, classic, and some of the best you’ll see even in today’s design-positive and constantly changing market.