Know some important aspects about smok infinix pod

Most people would say that they have consistently got 5-8 hours from the famous smok infinix pod. The duration depends on how your usage is. Again, the system is pretty much okay for the course with a regular pod mod. The battery of the smok is more or less the same. Regarding the efficiency, the infinix pods are 100% refillable pods. However, this system caters exclusively to the smok infinix kit. Each infinix pod can contain 2ml of vape juice. You can choose the vape juice as per your choice. Survey suggests that nicotine salts are particularly viable here.

Changing the pods

A common question is how often should you refill or/and replace your smoke pods. Most people are guilty in the context of replacing the pods for temporary and refillable pod devices. These include Sourin Drop, Suorin Air, The Smok Infinix, the Fit and so on. Depending your usage, the optimal timeline to replace your pod is around 3-5 days. Many people ask the reason behind the burnt feel or taste of their infinix pod. It tastes like that because the wick inside the device’s atomizer coil eventually dries out, burning itself up when you heat it. Do remember that if wick is not completely saturated with enough e-liquid when you’re taking that relaxed puff, this unique material can always char, leaving a foul and disturbing taste in your mouth. You call it a dry hit in the context of vapers.

As a conclusion

So, can you put regular or common vape juice inside a Smok infinix? The company has designed it to be a direct mouth-to-lung tool or hitter. E-liquids works exceptionally well with nicotine salts. They are based out of that and sync well with the pods. However, every kind of e-juice also works well in this regard. It includes low VG and high VG both.