Why Survival Skills Matter

Learning how to survive in every situation means knowing how to utilize what we have and maximize those resources. This can only be possible if we have the vital skills that are necessary for guaranteeing our safety.

That being said, this article will be all about the skills and the essentials that must be in your survival kit at all times.

The Importance of Learning Survival Skills

It’s relatively easy to head to the market and purchase meat along with other food ingredients you need. In fact, nowadays, you can have food delivered right in front of your doorstep simply by clicking on a few items on your phone.

Now, if that’s the case, why should we even bother to learn to survive in the wild? Well, there are more than a few reasons.

To Be Prepared

The thing about emergencies and survival skills is that you will never know when they’re going to strike and when you’re going to need them. Getting lost or being faced with life and death situations isn’t scheduled. That’s not how it works.

When you learn the basic survival skills, you acquire a skill set that prepares you for the worst-case scenario.

To Reconnect with Nature

If you’re going to learn basic survival skills, you will want to do it in a secluded area or an unfamiliar setting to maximize your insights. With that in mind, this also makes it a great opportunity to reconnect with nature.

With much of the world turning into a buzzing, fast-paced trance, sometimes, keeping up means taking a pause. And what better way to pause than to see a different environment like nature, right?

To Get to Know Yourself Better

When you train to develop or acquire survival skills, you also need to let go of the usual things of everyday life. This includes access to news, gadgets, and other forms of entertainment. This provides you with ample time alone, allowing you to learn every single day.

Along with this comes insights into your very own behavior that you may not have noticed before. Survival skills training is an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about yourself.    

Survival Kit Essentials

Being prepared for what might come also means having the skills and the necessary equipment for survival. That said, when preparing a survival kit, here are some items that must be on your checklist.


Even the most skillful survivalists often encounter problems in the dark. When thoughts start racing in your head, just a few movements or one simple mistake in the dark can immediately turn into panic.

If you ever find yourself in an unfamiliar setting, one of your best companions is a flashlight. Make sure you also pack a few extra batteries.

Satellite Phone

Survival training requires you to let go of modern-day devices and maximize the natural resources around you, right? So, why include a satellite phone in your survival kit? Well, as much as we want to create an environment that imitates a survival situation, we also want to ensure that we’re safe while training. If you ever get lost or severely injured in the wild, having a push-to-talk iridium satellite phone will help you call for rescue. This type of phone works anywhere globally, even if the area you’re in does not have terrestrial cell sites.

First-Aid Kit

This one goes without saying. Any sensible person who plans on heading to the wilderness will need to bring a first-aid kit.

Aside from the basic knowledge necessary to use it, having the right pieces of equipment is key to guaranteeing your survival. This includes alcohol, gauze, medicines, and other essentials.

Map and Compass

Getting lost in the middle of nowhere is one of the biggest problems you may ever face when out in the wilderness. One small miscalculation can lead you to an entirely different destination. You may think that a GPS device is efficient, but there are certain areas where devices like this don’t work. A map and a compass do not require any power source to use.

Survival Knife

Survival situations would often require you to cut a few things, like twigs, branches, and maybe even force you to hunt for food or sharpen a piece of wood. A sharp and durable survival knife is perfect for the job. Keep in mind that you must always have a backup survival knife, too, if the first one is lost or becomes unusable.

We can never possibly know when we will encounter a survival situation, and if we ever do, we’d be glad to have the necessary skills and equipment to get through the situation. Additionally, learning about survival will teach you a lot of things about yourself and the world.