Why flying to Hyderabad is a great choice for tourists?

Indian cities are even more lively and exquisite in real life than they look in pictures. Among the many marvelous travel locations that India offers, Hyderabad is a fine choice that provides multiple avenues for recreation. From the local bazaars to the heritage sites, the tourist attractions in Hyderabad immerse the travel in a surreal experience. Furthermore, the welcoming nature of the people native to the city makes traveling in Hyderabad a breezy affair for tourists. If you’re someone who has a knack for discovering cultural landmarks, Hyderabad will keep you delighted to your core. The city houses multiple traditional monuments that trace their origins to periods belonging to an entirely different than the one we live in. Even if you’re looking for a luxurious stay in Hyderabad, you wouldn’t be disappointed. The posh and high-end hotels in the city provide a living experience that pretty much defines the epitome of exclusivity and comfort. Simply put, Hyderabad is an ideal travel location. Let’s dive into some of the reason why that is the case:-

It is home to the Charminar

If you are an architecture-buff, it is highly likely that you know what the Charminar is. It is a monument that boasts a build-style featuring four minarets. It was founded by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah in the year 1591. Despite the monument’s early origins, it still stands tall without showing any signs of weakness. The tourism authorities of Hyderabad have taken good care of the Charminar since it acts as a symbol for the city across the globe. It is 56 meters tall and houses a mosque on its top floor. The area surrounding the Charminar also experiences a heavy footfall. The famous Laad Bazaar lies in the vicinity of this monument. Thus, you would have multiple opportunities to explore the life and people of Hyderabad once you pay a visit to the Charminar. If you’re someone from the USA, you’ll find this monument worthy of the price of the USA to Hyderabad flights.

The culinary magicians in Hyderabad cook a magnificent Biryani

There’s just something surreal about eating a Biryani. It is a delight for the taste buds that has the potential to become the object of your midnight cravings. However, the Biryani made in the capital of Telangana is even more special than usual. It is because this delicacy was born in Hyderabad. Many Biryani houses in the city cook it using the traditional method. The result is a savory gastronomic experience that will most likely set the benchmark for all your future meals. If your mouth is watering at the prospect, consider buying the USA to Hyderabad flight tickets as soon as possible.

The Hussain Sagar Lake is the epitome of the beauty of man-made lakes

Man-made lakes are often perceived to be an impure imitation of nature. However, once you gaze at the splendor of the Hussain Sagar Lake, you’ll understand exactly how wrong this proposition is. The lake amasses an area of square 5.7 Kilometers and is shaped like a heart. In the middle of the lake, a statue of Gautam Buddha stands tall. It was erected in the year 1992 which is several years after the construction of the lake in 1563. If you’re someone who loves a tranquil vacation spot alongside a lake-setting, The Hussain Sagar Lake will put a bright smile on your face. In other words, the prospect of visiting this landmark can be the reason why you choose to look for the USA to Hyderabad flights. Moreover, you can also go on a boating excursion in the lake.

The Old Town is a living embodiment of the city’s culture

For starters, Charminar (the monument that we discussed in the beginning) is also situated in this part of Hyderabad. Other than the Charminar, a couple of other monuments can be also be found here. The Salar Jung Museum and the Chowmahalla Palace complex are some of the prominent examples. However, the real view of Hyderabad’s culture is found in the people that frequent the Old Town. You can also grab a pair of Hyderabad’s famous bangles from here. If you’re looking for a souvenir for taking back home, you’ll find plenty of other options to choose from in the Laad Bazaar. All in all, the Old Town is the most culturally enriched part of Hyderabad. Visiting the city would be a complete waste if you avoid this area. So, after you buy the USA to Hyderabad flight tickets, make sure that you include the Old Town in your itinerary.

What’s the best way to reach Hyderabad?

If you’re an Indian resident, you can reach Hyderabad in multiple ways. You can either take the train or travel via road in a car or a bus. However, there’s a third option that will prove to be the most convenient and time-efficient. It is the option of traveling via air. On the other hand, if you’re visiting Hyderabad from a foreign country, you don’t have the option of traveling via land anyway. But, why is air travel the most convenient form of transportation? The answer to this question is simple. Air travel takes the least amount of time among all the options and is a mode of transpiration that takes hospitality seriously. The turbulence that you feel on a flight will be much lesser than what you’ll feel on a bus or a train. Moreover, it is a myth that air travel comes at the cost of bankruptcy. If you adhere to certain guidelines, you can make air travel an affordable activity. For starters, start booking all your flights using online platforms. The flight booking websites on the internet offer several discounts that make airline tickets as economical as possible. The benefits are even greater for frequent fliers. For someone traveling to Hyderabad from a foreign land, such discounts can translate to a higher traveling budget. All in all, air travel will make your entire experience considerably better.

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