Where can I check if I am a winner of the Green Card Lottery


The green card is provided by the United States Citizenship and immigration services. The applications should be eligible for education or training experience in the country to apply the green card lottery. It allows the application of work and lives in the country permanently. There are lots of possibilities to get the green card including status family, employment as an immigrant. The online registration time for this program is between October and November. It is completely free to enter the green card lottery program. 

Who are eligible for a green card? 

If you have decided to apply for the green card then you should check the eligibility of this lottery program. The applicant should be eligible for education and work experience by the United State. Diversity visas visit selection countries in six regions such as South America, Asia, North America, Africa, Oceania, and others. The instructions of diversity visa entry can be changed every year. If the applicant were not born in the US they may qualify for this program if the spouse was born in the eligible country both of them plan to enter the united state. 

The eligibility can be varied depends on the birth country. The applicant should meet the particular work experience or education requirements to register for this program. It means that the candidates should have at least two years of work experience or high school education within the last five years in the eligible occupations. The eligible candidate can apply for the green card lottery online. 

How to check the status of green card lottery 

If you have applied for the permanent visa lottery and waiting to learn whether you are one of the foreign citizens to have a great opportunity to apply for the united state immigrant visa or not. The candidate can check the green card status in May after they apply the green card lottery. The green card lottery winner status check website allows the application to check if they are one of the lucky winners of the green card lottery. 

If you have applied for a green card this year then you should check your status in September 2020. The candidate can check the DV lottery 2020 result from May 2020. You must type the confirmation number, date of birth and last name to check the status of green card. If you enter the incorrect date of birth and misspelling of the last name into the form will provide the negative result. So you must check the information twice before submitting the request. If you submitted data correctly then you can get the status of the green card lottery.