When to Redesign a Small Business Website

Building a website is a big deal for small business owners and they often consider it will last an eternity and boost their business. Well, reality seeks to differ. 

A website is not a set-and-forget thing. It’s important to keep the site updated with the latest trends. Now, is there a rule that you need to redesign the site after every 5 years? No. Instead, pay attention to crucial aspects like the conversion rate, user experience, competitors’ sites, etc. to understand if your site requires an update. 

If you are still overwhelmed, we are here to help. Keep an eye on the following to understand when you must engage website design services and redesign your website. 

Small Business Website Redesigning

  • It is Outdated 

Let us start with the timeframe since it is the easiest to comprehend. Web design trends change frequently. Therefore, it’s important to keep your site updated with the latest trends. Otherwise, visitors will consider that you are no longer operational. 

To get an idea, keep an eye on your competitors’ websites. There, you can find out if they are using any advanced features that your website is lacking. Depending on your findings, update your site. 

  • Poor User Experience 

A glitch-free user experience is a must-have on any website. No matter how stunning your website looks, if it doesn’t offer a superb UX, it is of no use. Keep an eye on the bounce rate of the site. You can use various Analytics tools to find out how far the users are scrolling, where they are bouncing the most if they have a smooth checkout or conversion, and so on. Depending on these insights, redesign the site. 

Here are a few potential elements that you may offer a negative user experience: 

  • The site focuses on your preference instead of your customers’.
  • Your website content is filled with lots of jargon that the users don’t understand. 
  • The site has confusing navigation and no intuitive element. 

We can go on to elaborate more points but we hope you got the idea. 

  • Does Not Feature Your Services / Products 

With time, you may have grown your business and included different services and products. If your site fails to feature them, people will not be aware of these and ultimately, will not engage your service or buy your products. 

Whenever you include a new service or product, make sure to update it on your website or create a distinct landing page. It will not only keep your site updated but will also drive more visibility and awareness. Your website is the primary platform for marketing your business.

  • Not Responsive 

With people coming to the site using different types of devices, it’s high time to make your site responsive. IoT is the future of website designing. People are no longer dependent on desktops or even mobile phones to access a website. From the refrigerator to the smartwatch, everything can be a potential tool to access a website. Naturally, a responsive site design that seamlessly performs across devices is essential. 

If you are not sure how to create a responsive website, contacting a professional website design company will be a wise decision. 

  • No Client Testimonials 

With lots of businesses operating, inspiring trust has become a crucial element should you seek to boost your business. When you first designed the site, you might not have included any client testimonial but as your business grows and you acquire more clients, feature their feedback on your website.

Client testimonials have a massive impact on potential customers as they rely on them more than your marketing campaigns. 

  • Not Optimized for Search Engine 

Without SEO, a website is not much beneficial for your business. If your site doesn’t have keywords, internal linking, and SEO-friendly features, it will not obtain a high rank on the search engine. Consequently, it will fail to drive visibility and organic traffic. 

Optimizing your site to make it more search engine friendly is a crucial consideration in site redesigning. You can engage professional SEO services and let the experts take care of it. From updating content with proper keywords to optimizing meta tags, implementing robots.txt file to including alt tags for images and everything in between – the experts will do it all. 

Closing Thoughts

As you can understand, multiple aspects influence the decision of redesigning your website. The golden rule is that your site must win a competitive edge at all times. Do what it takes! 

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