What Is the Best Auto Window Tint for Your Car? A Guide

Do you need window tint for your car?

It’s a critical concern, especially when you live in sunny areas. The tint helps block UV rays and prevent its harmful health effects. It also ensures your car interior doesn’t fade.

However, if you have no experience choosing auto tint, you’ll find the process difficult. Read on as we discuss how to find the best auto window tint today:

Know Your Priorities

Various window tints have exclusive attributes. For example, an entry-level dye tint is purely for aesthetics. Their only purpose is to make your windows look darker when viewed outside.

Some ceramic tinting products give you the best in functionality and beauty. As such, write your desired attributes before arriving at the best auto window tint.

Think About Your Budget

The cost of window tinting and installation is a vital factor. However, several factors affect its final price tag. These are the following:

Type of Tint

The tint type is the primary factor determining the installation cost. The material is inexpensive, tempting most car owners to opt for DIY. It becomes impractical without proper expertise.

If you make mistakes, you’ll reorder new window film, pay for shipping, and clean the wasted adhesive. Regardless, you can opt for low-grade window tint, ceramic, or carbon-based windows. The latter has a premium price.

Cost of Labor

The type of window tint determines the ease of application. Some take more time, resulting in higher labor costs. However, reputable window tinting services charge a flat rate.

With a flat rate, you can ask these companies for an estimate. Ask at least three businesses to have a grasp on the average. 

Ownership Duration

How long do you plan to keep your car? Your answer determines the amount you’re willing to spend on window tint. Your objective is to look for a product lasting as long as your vehicle’s lifespan.

Consider Legality

Before going to Google and searching “best window tinting in my area,” consider your state laws. The reason is there are no centralized laws concerning window tints.

Most state laws only allow a certain visible light transmission percentage for car tints. These apply to your front and rear side windows.

When the law refers to the former, it’s the two windows next to the driver and passenger seats. If you’re driving a sedan, it includes the front doors.

Rear side windows are the ones behind the driver and passenger seats. For SUVs, these include windows on doors behind the front windows. It also applies to solid ones molded into the body.

Get the Best Auto Window Tint Now

These are some considerations to get the best auto window tint. Never let improper tint film get you into legal trouble. Use these to make the most out of your investment.

However, your search has only started. Consider looking for good car window tinting services. Check their reputation through online reviews and referrals.

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