How to Find the Right Auto Window Tinting near Me: A Guide

Did you know that on average, each American spends about one hour per day in their car? When we’re devoting so much time to driving, it makes perfect sense that we would want to optimize those vehicles.

Auto window tinting is a great place to start. By adding auto window tint film to your car’s windows, you can increase your protection from UV rays, decrease eye strain, and more.

Before you go searching for “auto window tinting near me,” let’s start with the basics. What should you look for when choosing your auto window tinting products and services?

Read on to learn more about how to find the best auto window tinting in your area.

VLT and State Laws

First, let’s start with an important acronym: VLT. VLT stands for “visible light transition” and is always described in percentages. The most common percentages you’ll encounter are 50%, 35%, 20%, and 5%.

The percentage describes how much light will pass through your window. The lower the VLT percentage is, the less light you’re going to get. For example, a 5% VLT blocks 95% of exterior light.

When choosing the right VLT, you can think about your preferences. How much do you want to increase your privacy and how much light protection do you need to keep your car cool? 

However, every state has laws and regulations regarding VLT for private vehicles. It’s important to comply with those laws–and steer clear of any auto window tint providers who are willing to break them.

Materials and Purposes Served by Auto Window Tinting

Not all auto window tinting provides the same quality. Dyed window tinting, for example, is a popular and affordable choice, but it also doesn’t provide all of the benefits of a higher-quality material. On the highest end of the spectrum is ceramic, which has the longest lifespan and does the best job at blocking UV rays.

The truth is that while dyes and metalized auto window tints come at a lower cost, they’re not cheaper in the long run. They won’t do as much to protect the interior of your car or your skin. They’ll also need to be replaced much sooner than ceramic window tinting.

Pricing and Warranties

At the end of the day, only you know what auto window tint film will fit into your budget. However, it’s worth looking into any financing options a company may offer. While you don’t want to take on payment installments that come with a hefty interest rate, some payment plans make auto window tinting more affordable.

Warranties are also important. If something unusual happens to your auto window tint, you want to know that it’s covered by your warranty. Formula 1 Tinting comes with one of the best warranties on the market–and one of the highest quality products.

Look for Auto Window Tinting Near Me the Right Way

Auto window tinting is a great way to improve your experience as a driver and vehicle owner. Start looking for “auto window tinting near me” and keep these factors in mind as you make your choice.

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