What Is Medicare?

Medicare Is Government Health Coverage For Senior Citizens

Medicare is the government health insurance program for Americans who are 65 or older. Medicare does also cover some younger disabled people and people with permanent kidney failure. Medicare Parts A and B, which are often referred to as “Original Medicare,” are administered by the federal government.

Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage that is offered by health insurance companies which are approved by the government. These health insurance companies often also offer Medicare Part C, which is one plan that combines parts A, B, and D.

Insurance To Supplement Medicare

Medicare¬†doesn’t cover everything, so many people get a health insurance plan that is designed to supplement Medicare. These plans are commonly offered by most major health insurance companies.

There are several different types of Medicare supplemental health insurance plans. If you are interested in supplementing your Medicare coverage, you should carefully look into which type of plan may be best for your situation.

What Medicare Doesn’t Cover

Medicare doesn’t cover some forms of healthcare service and products that many people desire. For example, Medicare does not cover medical marijuana. Also, vision care is not provided by Medicare.

Most dental services or invisalign austin are not covered. Plastic surgery, as you might expect, is not covered by Medicare. Acupuncture and other holistic health services are generally not covered, either.

Hearing aids and the related exams are not covered. Neither is routine foot care, although injuries to feet will be covered by Medicare.