What Is Immigration Law and Why Is It Important?

Immigration is a widely debated topic in politics and the news. Nevertheless, approximately 77 percent of Americans consider immigration to be a good thing. Additionally, most individuals think that upstanding immigrants should have a pathway to citizenship.

Most people are aware of how immigration affects the United States. Yet, few people understand how immigration law influences the lives of immigrants.

What is immigration law? This post will answer that question and consider some situations in which an immigration law firm is necessary. It will also help you better understand what an immigration attorney does for their clients.

What is Immigration Law?

Immigration law consists of statutes, regulations, and legal precedents involving immigration and deportation. Since laws change with each presidency, immigration lawyers have to stay on top of the changes and look for new ways to assist their clients. This is especially true when legislation passes a new immigration law.

Often, immigration lawyers represent those threatened with deportation. But, they also assist those who wish to legalize their status in the country.

Even a slight mistake can jeopardize an immigrant’s ability to get a visa or green card. So, many individuals prefer to work with an experienced lawyer who understands the complicated process.

One major difference between immigration lawyers and other types of lawyers is that they spend little time in the courtroom. Instead, most of their work involves advising their clients in an office. Yet, they need to make appearances before judges in immigration hearings.

Why is Immigration Law Important?

As the immigrant population grows in the United States, immigrant law becomes more important. Thousands of individuals face circumstances that need the help of an immigration lawyer. Let’s take a look at some of these situations.

Crime Conviction

When authorities convict immigrants of a crime, they must hire an immigration attorney. One reason is that a conviction jeopardizes their prospects of legal immigration. Thus, immigration lawyers must be aware of how criminal and immigration laws overlap and help their clients in both aspects.

Employer Non-Cooperation

Applicants applying for employment-based visas need the cooperation of their employer. But, they are not always willing to assist with the immigration process. When this happens, applicants need to hire a lawyer who can nudge employers in the right direction.

Insufficient Income

Immigrant applicants need to prove that they can support themselves by filing an I-944 form. But, laws are changing about this form. Thus, those who cannot prove their ability to provide for themselves should check out how these changes affect them.

Application Denial

When individuals receive several denials on their immigration applications, they must get the help of a lawyer. First, they can determine why immigration authorities denied their appeal. Next, they decide whether it is possible to make a successful appeal or apply again at a later time.

Previous Deportation

If an immigrant is deported or prevented from entering the United States, they will need to hire an attorney to reapply.

Sometimes, being deported or excluded from entry means that the individual is permanently banned. This prevents them from applying in the future. So, it is best to get the help of a lawyer who can determine how the consequences of deportation or exclusion affect the client.

Medical Conditions

Immigration authorities may deny entry to those who have infectious diseases. Thus, applicants need the help of a lawyer if they have these sorts of medical conditions, as they may not be eligible.

Unreasonable Wait Time

If an immigrant has been waiting for an extended period for their application to be processed, they should contact an immigration lawyer. Since they know the application process well, they can determine whether the wait time is long and even help speed up the process.

Terminated Marriage

When a United States citizen marries an immigrant, they typically file jointly. Yet, if the marriage is terminated through death or divorce, the immigrant may still have the right to permanent residence. In this case, they will need an attorney to prove that it was not a fraudulent marriage.

Recently Divorced

This situation occurs when a divorced immigrant marries another United States citizen. When it comes time to file their paperwork, authorities may question their intentions. Thus, they might have to prove that both of their marriages were legitimate.

Immigrant Children and Young Adults

At times, families come to the United States together with small children. Sometimes, they are unaware that their child’s rights to permanent residency are different.

Thus, immigrants with children should speak to an immigration lawyer. They can determine whether a child under 21 has the right to permanent residency and give parents advice.

Immigration During COVID-19

Immigrants also contact lawyers to get updated information on requirements during the pandemic. The government has suspended or delayed some processes. Thus, an immigration lawyer can help clients move forward in the process and tell them of changes.

Hiring an Immigration Attorney

If you are an aspiring immigrant or need help to change your legal status in the country, an immigration attorney can help you. You don’t have to wait for a drastic situation like those described in this post.

Rather, you can avoid unnecessary issues and make the process much easier by working with an experienced professional. With their help, your dream of legal permanent residency is much more attainable!

Did this post help you understand what is immigration law? If so, be sure to check out more of our interesting legal articles.


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