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3 Alternative Energies to Power Your Home

About 20% of the United States’ total power generation is from renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources are tied with nuclear power for the total amount of kilowatt-hours of power they produce.

If you want to help push this percentage even higher, you need to think about embracing some alternative energies to power your home. Every consumer matters when it comes to the big picture of eco-conscious energy.

Do your part today by learning about these three alternative energy sources to power your eco-friendly home.

Wind Power

Wind power is responsible for 8% of the total power production in the United States. Unfortunately, for individual households wind power is not always feasible. 

That said if you live in a very windy area constructing a wind turbine to power your house is feasible. Make sure that you have enough property to facilitate its construction as well.

Hydroelectric Power

Water power is an excellent source of renewable energy for large-scale power generation. Hydroelectric dams produce massive amounts of power for regional grids.

Unfortunately, like wind power, using hydroelectric power to generate power for individual households is not as effective. If however, you have access to running water on your property it is still technically possible.

You can buy a small hydroelectric turbine to power a few small devices in your home. That said, generating enough power for your entire home would be tricky.

Solar Power Is the King of Alternative Energies

Residential solar panels are responsible for powering over 18 million homes across the United States. If you are looking for the ultimate renewable energy for an individual household, solar is it.

When it comes to large-scale power production both wind and hydroelectric power produce the most electricity nationwide. That said, as far as producing small amounts of power for individual households, solar takes the cake.

If you are looking to get some solar panels for your home, you need a professional solar installer. For one of the best in the business make sure to check out Blue Raven Solar.

Selecting the Best Alternative Energies for You

The best way to choose the ideal alternative renewable energy source for your home is to examine your environmental conditions. If you live in a sunny area, solar might be your best option.

If you have access to a creek, river, or stream on your property, hydroelectric may be the most feasible source of energy for you. If you live in a wide-open windy area with no water sources, wind power may be the best choice.

You can also combine some or all of these alternative energies if you have the means to do so. Choose what to do based on what your environment has to offer.

You Have the Power to Be Renewable

It is your choice whether to get your energy from a way that helps the earth or harms it. By embracing alternative energies for your home you can be a force for good in the modern age.

Choose the best renewable energy source for your home’s needs today based on the information in this article. Make sure to stop back and check in with our website to find other great articles like this one.