What is considered office work?


Working in an office may not be for everyone, but it has far more advantages than many people realize. Workers can depend on a regular schedule during business hours, making it possible to juggle responsibilities at home with work.

Office employees learn important skills they can easily transfer to other jobs and fields, allowing for future flexibility in one’s career. There are many office job positions to choose from.


If you enjoy interacting with people both over the phone and in person, then being a receptionist could be a good choice for you.

As a receptionist, you will be responsible for answering the phone and responding to the questions and needs of customers.

In addition to this important role, a receptionist is often responsible for a variety of other tasks, including but not limited to scheduling appointments, opening and distributing company mail, reserving conference rooms, and being a friendly face, as the first contact many people have with the company.


There are many options available for someone with a background in auditing or accounting. With experience in this area, you could work for an auditing firm, an accounting firm, or even in an accounting department of a business or company.

Such positions available may include auditor, controller, accounting manager, project accountant, file clerk, billing or accounts payable clerk, or payroll supervisor.

Customer Service Representative

Similar to a receptionist, a customer service representative must have good communication skills and a positive attitude. In this position, you will need to communicate with customers, many of which are calling because they have an issue and are upset. Being patient and able to relate to others is essential in this position.

Depending on your personal situation, it may be a good idea to consider office work. Luckily there are often office job openings available.