What Is a Master-planned Community, and Why Is It Good for Families?

aerial picture of suburban gated community southern united states

A master-planned community, as its name suggests, is a self-contained neighborhood. This is where families and residents can enjoy access to a wide spectrum of amenities such as shopping centers, fitness facilities, playgrounds, and parks. Some communities even have their own offices and schools.

If you dream of having your own family or already have one, and it’s growing, you might benefit from moving to a home in the right community. Here’s everything you need to know about this real estate gem and why it can give your children the best childhood ever.

It has everything a family needs not just to survive but to thrive

Typically, when prospective homeowners are looking for a new residential property to call their home, they often look for accessibility to everything—grocery stores, parks, and others. Buying a house in a master-planned community automatically ensures that you and your family live in proximity to these essential and non-essential amenities. You never have to worry about living the confines of the community to do certain things or activities.

It can provide a sense of warmth and community

If you believe that it takes a village to raise a child, then you know that your kids would benefit significantly from having meaningful relationships with trustworthy and good people. Living in a master-planned community would allow you and your family to live in proximity with your neighbors. Thus, you have more opportunities for the entire family to meet new people and foster genuine connections and, eventually, friendships. 

It is generally safer and more secure

Master-planned communities are often protected by 24-hour patrols and other state-of-the-art security measures like CCTV cameras and automatic gate entrances. The residents in these communities also often form community watch groups which can help keep an eye on the neighborhood.

Suppose you want your kids to grow up playing outside, riding their bikes, and staying out in the sun instead of playing video games and being on their smartphones all day. In that case, living in a master-planned community might be for you since you never have to worry about their safety, even if they do choose to spend the day outdoors.

It has more stabilized property values

Buying a home is not just about building a house that we can live in; it can also be an investment. If you don’t see yourself and your family staying in the area for the rest of your lives, you might as well think long-term and buy a house that will increase in value over time.

One of the biggest financial advantages of buying a home in a master-planned community is that many of them know how to protect the value of the residential properties. They can do so even during a financial crisis or a recession. Any development that is mixed-use and incorporates residential, commercial, institutional, and cultural sites will always be a smarter investment since they utilize the land better. Homeowners of the future will most likely prefer to buy a property that is closer to everything—thus ensuring that the value of the property remains stable, even if it doesn’t increase.

It has more quality-controlled neighborhoods and houses

If nothing else, houses in master-planned communities will always be prettier and more well-maintained compared to properties in other neighborhoods. This is because many of these communities have homeowners associations that are in charge of keeping the neighborhood in tip-top shape, whether through providing management services for the amenities or ensuring that the community’s public spaces don’t go untended for long periods.

They also play a hand in ensuring that the properties go well together aesthetically, so homeowners may not have as many free reins to make as many changes. Still, their policies and regulations often ensure that the neighborhood always looks its best.

While aesthetics are not and should not be our main priority, we cannot deny that what we see daily can significantly affect our mood for the day. Research even shows that rates of depression are higher in more polluted areas, so living in a beautiful neighborhood with fresh air might do your and your family some good.

You and your growing family deserve to live in the best and safest neighborhood, especially as we live in a time when pandemics and recessions can take place. Invest in your family’s future and their well-being by choosing a utopia amid growing uncertainty—when all else fails, our home will always be our haven, and to invest in it is to invest in ourselves.