What is a foil board and how does it work?

Let’s begin at the beginning. What is a foil board? When a hydrofoil or foil board is placed underneath a board, it extends the board into water. The kinetic energy of the hydrofoil lifts the kiteboard or surfboard out of water as soon as it gains speed.

What’s the difference between hydrofoil kiteboarding and hydrofoil surfing?

Kiteboarding – Hydrofoil kiteboards allow the rider to achieve the same result with the use of a kite. The resistance drops because you are higher than the water. Choppy conditions are less stressful. This will improve your speed.

Prone surfing Surf foiling is where the wave gives you the initial push to lift the foil. The drag of the board is minimized once it has lifted out of the water. This allows for greater speed and better use of the wave power. To get moving, you don’t need much wave. And when you’re going, even less. You can keep your speed up by “pumping” the foil. This takes quite a bit of energy and you won’t be able to last very long.

Wing foiling– The foil is vital on the wing. Without a foil, a wind wing cannot generate enough power to allow it to be ridden. Wing foiling uses a similar type of foil to prone surfing foiling. This is due to the fact that kite foiling speeds are typically slower than wing foiling.

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