What are VIP rooms like?

First time in a strip club Melbourne? Are you meeting up with friends or for some reason, meeting a client or just trying something different. If this is you, you should try a club’s VIP section. These can actually take your experience to a new level. What happens in these rooms? Your selection depends on a couple of factors like the kind of experience you would like to have and how much you have to spend.

There are really two types of rooms:


This isn’t an exclusive room that is closed off to everyone else. There will be dancers and other customers nearby. Depending on the set up, you can see what they are doing and they might be able to see what is happening in your area. It might be curtained off or sectioned off with couches or a booth.

Full Private Room

This is as private as you can expect a private room to be. You have the room and the dancers all to yourself and no one will disturb you. Contrary to what people are led to believe, these rooms don’t cost a whole lot more.

What Happens in a strip club VIP Room?

The point of strip club VIP rooms is privacy. What you get in your room will depend on the VIP package selected. Without doubt, you will get the best seats, the best dancers and the best drinks. Your entertainment can last for 30 to 60 minutes or more. Keep in mind that three is nothing that will happen in these rooms than just dancing?

Weekends can be busy for any strip club Melbourne are known to get crowded. It can be hard to find a VIP room or even a seat if you don’t book ahead. If you want the best, you need to plan ahead and book your seat in time. You can be comfortable and not jostle for space with the rest of the patrons. Private rooms are also great for talking to the dancers privately. That’s the best thing about the VIP area – interaction.

The Bottle Service is great

The VIP lounge also includes bottle services and access to the best drinks. Whether its beer, a cocktail, champagne or wine and everything else you could need. You don’t have to wait for a drink like everybody else. You get to order your drink and wait for it to be delivered.

Security Host

The long admission lines into clubs is one annoying thing about a night out on the town. You can jump all of that. Get ahead of the line or better yet get ahead of things and be ushered thorough a private entrance. The fun begins as soon as you enter and you leave everyone standing in line jealously while you get treated like a celebrity.

You get special treatment from the entrance right to the point where you get ushered to your spot. You will be given a host that will keep an eye on you and your drinks. You can relax and have the best time ever. No unwanted party crashers.