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What Are the Most Popular Exterior House Colors?

Painter man near new house. House renovation background.

Are you considering painting the outside of your home? Are you wondering about the best exterior paint colors on the market?

The outside of your home is the “first impression” that others will get when they walk-by or stop in for a visit. If you take pride in your home and want to increase its value, it’s important for your exterior to reflect how much you love your property.

Here are some colors you should consider painting a house.

Soft White

in today’s world of “farmhouse chic” homes, you can’t go wrong with a soft, rich white. The color is easy to contrast with lovely shutters or a box of colorful flowers.

White will bring brightness to your home and create a warm, inviting environment. If you’re going to be selling sometime in the near future, white also provides a classic, neutral look that anyone can see themselves making their own.

Timeless Gray

Gray is one of the most popular current colors for both interior and exterior house painting. It pairs easily with a white trim that looks cool and crisp.

You can choose a gray that’s quite cool or very warm. And unlike brighter colors, you won’t be regretting your decision in a few years.

Cottage Blue

If you like a brighter, more energetic color, a cottage blue can really add character to your neighborhood. Blue can create a pleasant, tranquil feel that’s easy to contrast with a lighter trim and careful landscaping.

Cheery Yellow

Yellow provides a softer, more uplifting feel to your home. It can also make your entire house look bigger and more welcoming.

Gray and white are popular trim choices with lighter colors. If you choose a deeper, more golden shade, you can contrast it with a deep green or brown.

Craftsman Green

Today’s greens are made for the exterior of houses. Craftsman colors are deeper while still featuring a pop of color.

Green can really bring out the landscaping around your house. It’s especially complimentary if your home is surrounded by a woodsy scape. Craftsman green works well with white and brick accents.

Powder Blue

Unlike the soft blues of decades past, today’s powder blue homes are a bit brighter and provide a beautiful “pop” when contrasted with white trim. If you live near the water, they can really help to bring out your landscape. The color of reminiscent of the sky and gives your home a peaceful feeling.


Taupe is one of the best colors for houses because it’s a lovely neutral that includes properties of brown and gray. It can have undertones of red or green, making it quite a versatile option.

Taupe provides color in a classy way, without darkening your home. It’s also easy to contrast with a brightly colored door.

Exterior House Colors

If you’re looking for an easy way to give your home a new look, consider some of the most popular exterior house colors on the market. Your house will be the talk of the block in no time.

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