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What Are Office Bi-Fold Doors?  

Office bi-fold doors are becoming increasingly popular. They can be especially attractive in an office environment while offering excellent functionality at the same time. This type of door allows for the privacy people need to get their work done while also promoting transparency and accountability. Bi-fold doors for offices are also versatile, and you can place them in your office lobby, phone booth, or anywhere you need to designate space for privacy.

How They Work

This type of office door works due to the multiple leaves that fold into each other and then open up a whole aperture. When a technician installs these doors in your office, he or she fits them to the runners. When someone opens the office bi-fold doors, they fold and slide at the same time for a seamless performance. Because of this, you can work with much less available space than you would need for other types of doors. Additionally, the entranceway remains large even though a bi-fold door is smaller than the typical office door.

If a technician installs the door in an especially busy entry area in your office, you may want to select a configuration that comes with a traffic door. This is a conventional type of door built into the bi-fold door that has a handle lever and sits on top of a regular hinge. The purpose of the traffic door is to allow for fast passage through the bi-fold door for those who don’t want to slide and fold each of its leaves when walking through it.

Bi-Fold Doors Offer Greater Flexibility

When configuring your office bi-fold doors, you can determine how many leaves you would like each one to have, the size of each leaf, whether you want to include a traffic door, and the direction you want the door to open. You also have numerous options when it comes to colors and styles for your new office doors. Before you decide to install this type of office door, it’s a good idea to measure the entryway you would like it to cover. This allows you to get a more accurate price quote and a better idea about availability of the size, style, and color you would like.

Improves Indoors Lighting

The typical office requires a significant amount of lighting to enable people to perform their jobs. Unfortunately, artificial lighting can be harsh on the eyes and cause symptoms such as headaches and fatigue. Office bi-fold doors help to bring in more natural lighting because they are constructed with glass. Natural lighting is also associated with better moods and a greater sense of well-being. Employees may not thank you directly but you should notice a difference in work performance and attitude.