Types of Criminal Charges in Sydney 

The 2019 Safe Cities Index named Sydney as the fifth safest city in the world. With suburbs like Pleasure Point, Westleigh and Gymea Bay reporting hardly a few incidents per 100 residents, the Sydney crime rate has witnessed a decline in the past 15 years.

Though the overall crime rate has dropped, not all crimes in Sydney have followed the trend. The sexual assault offences have increased by 3.9% in the last six years. 

Being charged for criminal offences in Sydney, which accounts for 7% of the Australian economy, can permanently ruin your future in the capital city. It is advisable to engage an experienced attorney to help you deal with the overwhelming court procedures. The adept Sydney criminal lawyers have excellent expertise in successfully leading various types of criminal cases. Here are a few of the charges for which they can represent you to register a confirmed win. 


You can face affray charges when you behave in a manner in public that causes others to fear for their safety. Sydney has a crime rate index of 32.3, involving fear of getting attacked.

Sec 93C of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) criminalises affray, with up to ten years of imprisonment. A skilled lawyer can legally represent you in such cases, offering you the best legal advice possible.


Whether it is a common or violent assault, these charges come under Part 3 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW). With the Harbour City having a 32.4 crime rate index for assaults, these cases happen when you recklessly cause another person to fear immediate violence.

According to S61, depending on the severity of the assault charges, you can face a jail term of 2 to 20 years. However, enrolling a diligent criminal lawyer can get minimum possible punishment.

Sexual Assault

With areas like Penrith and Westmead recording over 50 sexual assaults during 2016 and 2017, Sydney has witnessed a 40% increase in such incidents.

If convicted, under S61l of Crimes Act 1900, you could endure harsh punishment. An experienced attorney will assess your case for the other party’s consent factor to build a lawsuit in your favour.

Drug Possession

Sydney is the cocaine capital of Oz, and it has witnessed a 7.7% increase in possession or use of the drug over the past three years.

The Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 covers the drug-related offences in Sydney, sentencing two years imprisonment if charged with drug possession.

The reputed Sydney criminal lawyers gather all necessary information about the drug in question and build a robust defence. 


A recent report reveals neighbourhoods like Burwood recorded over 1,600 incidents, including fraud, between 2018 and 2019. 

Part 4AA of the Crimes Act 1900 deals with fraud offences, and if found culpable, you can get a sentence of up to 10 years. You could have acted dishonestly, made financial gains at the behest of others’ loss, or your actions could be intentional. The Sydney lawyers will review your case for these three elements that form the basis for such crimes and defend you accordingly in the court of law. 

The City of Sydney has the highest violent crime rate of 1445 per 100K people, followed by the City of Penrith in the Harbour City. If you face criminal charges in Sydney, it is best to engage a competent legal time with excellent expertise in handling criminal cases, ensuring a confirmed acquittal.