How to Find a Good Criminal Lawyer in Parramatta? 

Parramatta is a leading commercial suburb in Greater Sydney, which is located in New South Wales. It is located around 20 kilometers west of Sydney CBD, on the banks of Parramatta River.  

It is often known as the central business district and the main commercial center for the Greater Western Sydney region. It is a bustling city with many commercial establishments and people roaming around every day. 

Anything can happen in a busy city. With tons of vehicles and people moving on the streets, criminal offenses caused by accidents or other crimes may happen anytime. 

If you happen to be facing any criminal offense, such as theft, assault, or traffic offense, you need the help of reliable Parramatta criminal lawyers to help you with the case. However, there are tons of lawyers out there, and choosing the best one can be daunting. 

It can be difficult, so read on as below are some tips that can help you find the best lawyer for your case. 

The lawyer should be passionate about the law

You should choose a lawyer that loves what they are doing rather than just doing their job to represent you at the court. They should listen carefully to your story; let you feel that they are interested and willing to fight for you. 

Check their experience about your specific case

Not all experiences are the same. There are well-seasoned lawyers with experiences that are far from your case. Worst, they have not tried defending someone with a case similar to yours. Find someone that focuses on your case. 

Choose a lawyer who could make you feel comfortable

If you choose someone to represent you in a court, make sure that this lawyer can make you feel secure rather than threatened. The lawyer should give you advice, let you know your options, and allow you to choose. If the lawyer pressures you to make decisions, give you an uncomfortable feeling, then skip that lawyer. 

The lawyer should have a legal team

Preparing for the court trial is not the job of a single person. Your lawyer needs a team to work on your case. You can ask your prospective lawyer to meet his staff and paralegals, and even other lawyers under their team. 

A good lawyer is confident, not arrogant

The law is full of surprises. Even the best lawyer cannot guarantee an inevitable outcome in your case. With that in mind, you should choose someone that can build a strong defense through preparation, and not the one that promises you with something they cannot guarantee. 

Do a background check

A reliable lawyer has a good reputation. You can ask your friends and trusted people for a recommendation. However, the best lawyers may still have a few unhappy clients, so look for someone that has more positive recommendations rather than negative ones. 

Compare the fee

A well-seasoned lawyer with a good reputation may cost more than the less experienced ones. However, if the lawyer is way higher or lower than others with the same qualifications, don’t hesitate to ask. 

The lawyer should be easy to understand

Lawyers often use special terms while in court or on legal documents. However, when they are talking to you, they should skip using their jargon and make sure that you understand what they are telling you. 

A good lawyer is patient when it comes to explaining your options

A reliable lawyer will not make any impulse decision regarding your case. A good lawyer can patiently explain every option that you may have, from plea bargaining to sentencing. They’ll make you understand that each decision you make has consequences, and you need to be informed about making a wise choice. 

Facing a criminal charge is something that you should not do alone. You will need the help of excellent, well-experienced Parramatta criminal lawyers to fight for you until the end of your court trial.