Travel Guide: Tips On Traveling With Limited Budget

Every person dreams of traveling. Before traveling, people need to do some research on travel tips before going on a trip. There’s something attractive about visiting a new place and experiencing the local culture especially if you’re going abroad. You’ll gain more than souvenirs, and you’ll also come back from your trip with more knowledge about the place that you’ve visited.

However, vacation trips aren’t cheap. You have to pay for a lot of things, such as your transportation fare, your living accommodations, your food, and souvenirs for the people back home. Fear not, you can still travel. Read on to know how you can achieve your traveling dreams while sticking to a tight budget.

Look for affordable modes of transportation


Since you can’t afford to splurge on your trip, you have to plan your expenses very carefully, particularly when it comes to your rides. If you’re going to different places, search for ways on how you can get there without spending a lot of cash.


  • Hitchhike


Hitchhiking isn’t the safest way, but it depends on you if you’re willing to risk it. The fitting time to do this is during the day when there are still lots of people around. However, exercise extreme caution and don’t ride with someone who makes you uncomfortable.


  • Ride a bike/motorcycle


You can ride a bicycle if you know how to use one safely. These are modes of transportation which can help you navigate a place better because you’ll get to enjoy the scenery. 

If you’re staying in one town or city, and you want to take a look around, but you’re not willing to walk, a bike or a motorcycle is your best option. It also helps you avoid getting stuck in traffic.


  • Take the bus/train


If you’re going to take the local bus or train, you have to inquire ahead of time about the fare so you can assess how much you have to spend. Book in advance if possible, and check the routes carefully so you can avoid getting lost.


  • Rent a car


Go to a car rental service if you know how to drive. You’ll have the freedom to go wherever you want. However, calculate if you’re going to spend more on renting a car. If you are, commute to your destinations by bus or train.


  • Share a car with other travelers


If you find other travelers going on the same route with you, you can share a ride and carpool instead of taking individual transportation. A carpool can help reduce your transportation costs, but make sure that your car buddy is trustworthy or else you might lose your things.

Search for inexpensive hotels and other living accommodations

Browse the internet for hotels or rooms where you can stay. Most establishments post room prices online, so you can assess how much you have to pay for it. If hotels are too expensive, consider trying out Airbnb.

Airbnb lets people rent out their houses or unused rooms to travelers like you, and this can be more cost-efficient than hotels, so consider looking at the listed apartments or homes that are available in the area.

Plan your food budget

You’re in a new place, so it’s inevitable that you’ll discover food that you haven’t tasted before. Since you’re following a strict budget, don’t spend all your money on food. Set a specific amount of money for your food allowance, and use this when it’s time for your meals.


Traveling is a fun experience that you can achieve even if you’re on a limited budget. Plan and search for cost-efficient ways to save money, such as planning your mode of transportation.