Top Tips for Pallet Wrapping

Many companies, within a large range of industries, rely on pallet wrapping to secure their loads, with some companies wrapping pallets by hand and other choosing to use a shrink wrapping. Pallet wrapping offers many benefits and advantages when carried out correctly and can enhance businesses tenfold. With this in mind today we are here to advise the best ways to wrap and secure pallets in order to ensure that warehouses all over the country are able to wrap their pallets well.

Pallet wrapping is used within many supply chains to secure pallets and to help prevent damage or loss during distribution. The process involves applying layers of stretchable plastic film around stacked loads, which then holds inside items in place. There are many great tips available in terms of pallet wrapping, with some of the best including:

  • Always ensure that you are using the right sized pallet for the load that you are looking to wrap. Your items must be stacked tightly with no spaces and the bottom layer of your products must not be any larger than the pallet which you are using. If you leave any gaps between your products it is likely that thy will move during transportation causing your shrink wrap film to rip or tear, leaving your products damaged.
  • When wrapping loads, you should make sure that the load is on an elevated surface and not simply on the floor. This makes pallet wrapping easier and stop people from hurting their packs because it means they don’t have to keep bending down quite as far.
  • Always start wrapping loads from the bottom, overlapping layers until you reach the top. It is important to wrap stretch film around the bottom of pallets and stacked loads multiple times for the best security.
  • Consider the shrink wrap film that you are using, ensuring that you are using high quality film that is quite thick. If you scrimp on shrink wrap film and buy the cheapest available, it is likely that it will not serve you as well as top quality shrink film.
  • You should consider using an automated shrink wrapping machine to wrap your pallets if you either have many pallets to wrap or have to wrap pallets on a regular basis, this will help you to save time and to reduce labour costs and well as ensuring that staff members are as safe as possible.

These are only some of the tips available in terms of pallet wrapping too, any companies looking for more information regarding pallet wrapping and seeking advice as to what the best machines are to use, should contact Sontex today who are the UK’s number 1 pallet wrapping machinery supplier.