Top Reasons for Hiring a Commercial Snow Removal Company

Your property’s grounds management will vary by season. In the summer, you’ll need more frequent watering and potential emergency clean-up after a storm. In the spring, you’ll need mulching and planting new flowers. In fall, you’ll have to clear fallen leaves and other debris to keep your lawn, sidewalks and parking lots looking their best. The winter requires its own special attention. With commercial snow and ice removal and preventive measures, our business in Salt Lake City is dedicated to making your winter easier. Almost always in Utah your business will experience some kind of winter weather. Snow and ice can have a big impact on your operations. It may cause people to stay in rather than going out shopping, making your business see lower profits. At its worst, it could cause accidents that you’re liable for. Our commercial snow removal services will keep your property safe for your clients, customers and employees so that you can get to business as usual. The only thing most people know about commercial snow removal is that plows are involved. Where the snow gets put, or other tools that are used to get rid of it, is another story. Here are some basic options of what we do.

Snow Plowing, Shoveling, and Blowing

Snow plowing is probably the first thing that comes to mind when people think about snow removal, but it’s not the only way to clear streets and sidewalks. There are some parts of your landscape where a snowplow can’t and shouldn’t go, so our crews shovel and blow snow from walkable areas and beds as well. This helps to ensure that your trees and shrubs are visible for your customers, employees, and tenants to enjoy year-round, even if it’s frozen.

Ice Removal

Snow can cause slips and falls for people and loss of traction for anything or anyone on your property, but ice, especially black ice, in Salt Lake City is the real threat. At Terra Works, we try to stress the importance of a snow and ice removal to ensure your property is taken care of in all conditions.
Improving safety is probably the biggest reason to have a reliable snow and ice management contractor in Salt Lake City. That means you’ll need to look to the future now, instead of waiting until winter storms hit. The only way to ensure you won’t be placed at the end of a long wait list when winter weather arrives is to get on a snow and ice management team’s schedule today. If you are located in Salt Lake City or the surrounding area, contact us today.

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