Top 10 Must-Have Nonprofit Software in 2021 to Strengthen Donor Relationships

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Many nonprofits implement donor data management software to make it easier to cultivate mutually rewarding relationships for stakeholders and constituents. From Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT to engagement-driven CRM platforms such as Salesforce donor tracking software and an assortment of online marketing tools, here are 10 of the leading programs that organizations can use to build stronger donor relationships this year.

Blackbaud Raisers Edge

Raiser’s Edge is an established nonprofit software suite that combines fundraising and donor relationship management functions. Organizations that invest in licensing this software can process donations and engage with donors without additional third-party applications.

Advantages Blackbaud Raisers Edge Has Over Most CRM Software Tools

Raiser’s Edge NXT comes ready to use and often only requires a brief implementation period. This platform provides most of the essential functions nonprofits need to operate, which could minimize the need for data integration.

Salesforce for Nonprofits

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and Cloud platform is customizable relationship management software. Salesforce originated as customer relationship software, and the build developed for nonprofits excels for managing volunteers.

Omatic Cloud

A full suite of cloud-based data integration solutions can support organizations that use both Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce NPSP or combine either of these platforms with third-party applications. The ability to transfer data across platforms with a Raiser’s Edge import or export records for outreach facilitates operations.


Organizations that use CRM software without built-in donation processing capabilities should consider the Classy web-based fundraising platform. This software directly integrates with Salesforce NPSP and integration software can connect Classy to other platforms.


Nonprofits that need to track constituent activities and host virtual events should consider DonorDrive fundraising software. Nonprofits can benefit from this platform’s express donation feature and online engagement tools.

Engaging Networks 

Nonprofits that need a full suite of communication solutions along with eCRM software for managing records may appreciate Engaging Networks. This web-based platform provides fundraising payment support, ecommerce and engagement tools.


Drive giving with the event planning and peer-to-peer support offered by GiveGab. At the enterprise level, this platform provides embeddable white label donation forms that make it possible to launch campaigns in a matter of minutes.


A service that originated in email marketing now offers a marketing CRM with powerful automated solutions. Organizations that primarily raise funds online can appreciate Mailchimp’s audience management and creative tools.


An engagement-driven CRM like Salsa provides nonprofits with all of the resources necessary to raise more money online. This platform features machine learning insights and can integrate directly with the Salesforce NPSP.


Workday is a comprehensive financial and human resources software suite. This operational management platform can be a good solution for overseeing the day-to-day workflows and comprehensive processes of enterprise-level nonprofits.

The functionality of these 10 software offerings ranges from relationship management to fundraising and marketing. While Raiser’s Edge and other Blackbaud software supports most nonprofit operations, the Salesforce NPSP and third-party online platforms may be more cost-effective and customizable. An integration solution for nonprofits can ensure an organization gets the most out of any combination of software platforms.