The improved employment in the Month of May still left the black people behind.

The prevailing pandemic situation is one of the massive pitfalls for humankind. Though there were pandemics like this in the past, their aftermath was not this disastrous. Technological advancements have helped us battle the virus. However, the other issues that the virus caused remain impossible to solve. The rate of unemployment among black people in the United States of America is one good example. According to the Job reports of the month of May by the Department of Labors, we could understand that the rate of unemployment has decreased. The reopening of businesses and offices despite the prevalence of the pandemic is one of the prime reasons for the excellent improvement. Do see: hire black website

The rates of unemployment increased for many different groups of people. However, it has gone up more among black people. The rate of unemployment which was as high as 14.7%, went down to 13.3% in the month of April. It was because the economy of the country got nearly two and a half million jobs in that month. The Department of labor data confirmed the statement in an issue they released on Thursday. Apart from the fall of unemployment rates, it is not an issue of celebration. It is mainly because the number of jobs has never been as low as this ever since the Great economic depression that haunted the country years back. However, the only good news was the figures. Also checkout: black hiring portal

The most skilled economists of the country suggested that we could lose nearly seven million jobs by the end of May if the recovery begins after the commencement of the business that remained on hold due to the pandemic. Many experienced economists calculated and stated that the recovery of the economy would not be V-shaped. V-Shape in recovery means fast regains after colossal losses. The predictions of the economists were indeed wrong. It might take years for the economy of the country to recover. However, we could see that the recovery taking place currently is V-shaped. Their calculation was so accurate that the then president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, stated that the Black man, George Floyd killed at the hands of a white cop would have “Smiled down” if he heard of the rates of unemployment falling. 

Though the statement was insensitive, we can understand the seriousness of the situation through it. A progressing economy is not a festival for everyone. The unemployment rates among black Americans increased to 16.8% last month. This data tells us that nearly 3.3 million African Americans got unemployed in the month of May. The rate is higher than ever before because it was 3.2 million in the month of April and 1.2 million in the month of January. The situation was slightly the same for Asian Americans as well. One of the primary reasons for this tragedy is that the pandemic closed doors and shut down service, retail, and hospitality labor markets, which had a massive force of black employees. All of these differences go down to the superior demon that exists in the society- White privilege.