The 5 Top Gun Brands in the World Right Now

There are over 1 billion firearms in global circulation today, with many of the world’s most esteemed and famous brands taking up a large share of that total. When it comes to gun brands, there are quite a few to choose from.

But what are the biggest gun brands in 2022? What are some popular gun brands that prospective owners should know about if they want a reliable product?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about five of the most prolific gun brands out there.

Smith Wesson

As one of the longest-tenured gun brands in the world today, Smith Wesson remains an incredibly profitable company. The brand has produced some of the most popular firearms since the 19th century.

They continue to sell well in the international market despite their American lineage. Known by many as one of the best handgun brands, there’s no doubt Smith Wesson will remain a key figure in the global firearm market.


While Smith Wesson’s been a popular firearm brand for multiple centuries, Beretta is arguably a firearm institution. They’ve been around as far back as the 1500s!

Many are familiar with the iconic Beretta handguns, but the company produces rifles, shotguns, and other weapons. Their global market share remains strong even after 500 years of service.


Despite being bought out by Freedom Group in 2015, Remington remains an iconic and profitable gun brand even today. They’ve been making guns in the United States since before the flintlock rifle days.

They’re one of the most prolific shotgun brands due to their longevity. They’ve especially made a splash in both the military and hunting scenes. Remington firearms remain a crucial brand for both practical and sports use.


This Belgian firearms manufacturer is one of the most successful gun brands in Europe. Their rifles and handguns are distributed worldwide and have gained international notoriety for their reliability and availability.

Whether it’s their shotguns, handguns, or machine guns, FNS often has some of the best-selling equipment on the market. In fact, they have clients in over 100 countries as of 2022.

Sturm, Ruger Co.

Sturm, Ruger Co. might be better known as Ruger. They play a crucial part in the global firearms market and stand as one of the most successful American gun brands out there.

With annual revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars, it’s no surprise that Sturm, Ruger Co.’s guns remain popular. They’re well-known for their handguns but also produce bolt-action and self-loading rifles.

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Finding the Top Gun Brands in the World

While there are plenty of different gun brands out there, gun owners need to know how to find out who provides the best possible product. Use this guide to help you understand why these brands are some of the best in the world.

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