Staying Healthy Over the Festive Season – Without Sacrificing Your Indulgences

The festive season is fast approaching and despite the uncertainties of covid restrictions, many of us are hoping we will be able to spend the season with our family and loved ones.

Christmas is a time when lots of us indulge. We eat a little more, drink a little more and perhaps skip the odd workout day in favour of a Christmas movie marathon.

It’s a time for many to take care of their wellbeing, take time off and enjoy the company of family and friends. 

But how can you stay safe and healthy without sacrificing the things you love most this Christmas?

Don’t Drink and Drive

Statistics show that drink driving incidents are falling, but Christmas remains a time when drink driving is particularly prevalent. With public transports often reduced or off altogether, we generally have to drive to get anywhere. And a boozy festive holiday doesn’t go well with driving.

So, choose a dedicated driver who sticks to the soft drinks. Maybe agree with a friend or partner that one of you drives Christmas and the other drives New Year? But do make sure you have a dedicated driver. And the safest way to stay under the limit? It’s to drink no alcohol at all.

Give Your Body a Break

We won’t be telling you to limit your treats on Christmas day, that’s for sure. For us, a hearty Christmas dinner followed by a few sweet treats is the order of the day. 

We believe you should be able to enjoy Christmas day without calorie counting. But one bit of advice would be not to let it run into the whole holiday season. Find a few days between Christmas and New Year where you give your body a break from the rich foods and alcoholic drinks so you don’t end up hitting New Year on the back of a straight week of indulgence.


If you’re one of the fortunate ones who has time off over Christmas, take full advantage. Sleep, take it slow, give you brain a break from the stresses of the every day and perhaps even consider meditation to help you relax.

There are lots of ways to relax and you know what works best for you. Treat yourself to some relaxation time over Christmas.


There’s nothing we love better than a crisp cold walk in the winter. And if you are fortunate enough to have the time off over the festive season, then getting out with the family for a walk comes with a host of benefits, including improving your overall fitness and stamina and a range of cardiovascular benefits too.

It’s also a lovely way to spend time with family, particularly if you can find somewhere scenic to dust off the walking boots.

Enjoy it!

2020 has been one heck of a year. And with ongoing uncertainties stemming from Covid 19, we could really all use a break. So, whatever Christmas looks like for you, try to enjoy it and consider it a break from what has been a really turbulent year.

Merry Christmas.

Hemant Kumar
Hemant Kumar is a project manager at Tridindia with more than nine years of commendable experience in writing about LMS, translation, and IT. His unmatched talent and passion for digital marketing gave him the opportunity to work as a multi-tasking project manager at TridIndia’s sister company, Link Building Corp. Today, he contributes to the world by imparting knowledge on SEO, link building and internet marketing etc., that helps business owners grow their online business.