Should You Buy a New or Used Rolex?

You can’t think about a luxury watch without thinking about the iconic Rolex. Deciding to buy one of these watches is something most people don’t take lightly.

Once you have decided to buy a Rolex, the next choice you will have to make is whether you will get a new or used one.

There are pros and cons to each choice. A new Rolex guarantees it will come in mint condition, while a used Rolex is a less expensive option.

Are you ready to make your Rolex purchase but aren’t sure if you want to buy new or used? Our helpful guide will help you make your choice!

About the Rolex Watch 

In the early 1900s, a man named Hans Wilsdorf made it his mission to create a reliable, wearable watch. He teamed up with a Swiss watchmaker to make a watch that told time with precision.

The watches that Wilsdorf created were unlike any on the market before. The Rolex was the first watch that you could submerge in water. Mountains, oceans, and high speeds were no match for the Rolex.

The durability, high quality, and style launched the Rolex into a must-have item. To this day, there is no watch more renowned than this one.

Buying a New Rolex

For many people, it is a lifelong dream to own a never-before-worn Rolex watch. With such a sought-after watch comes people who want to pass off fakes as the real ones. There is no other watch counterfeited as much as a Rolex.

Buying a new Rolex from a reputable seller means you’ll know you’re getting the real deal. There are several other benefits to buying this watch new.

Heirloom Piece 

When you buy a Rolex, you are investing in a luxury watch that will last for many years if you treat it well. The craftsmanship and quality mean that you can pass it on to younger family members as an heirloom.

Perfect Condition 

When you buy a new Rolex, you know the watch is in pristine condition. From the body of the watch to the internal mechanisms, everything will be in perfect order. This can limit trips to a jeweler for unexpected repairs.

You Get Exactly What You Are Looking For 

You will be doing a lot of research before buying a watch like a Rolex. When you buy a new Rolex, you can ensure that you get a watch that perfectly fits your needs. From the style to the function, you’ll get just what you are looking for.

Buying a Used Rolex 

A Rolex is one brand that gets better with age. There are many positives to buying this watch second-hand.

The Cost

One of the biggest factors to buying a used Rolex is because it is cheaper than a new one. If you have always wanted to don a Rolex but can’t afford the cost of one of these luxury watches, a used Rolex is the way to go.

Most used Rolex watches will come with their original paperwork and boxes. If your dream Rolex crosses your path and it is missing paperwork, don’t let that stop you from buying it. You can always have your Rolex authenticated at a later date.

A Rolex Holds Its Value 

A benefit of a Rolex watch is that it does an excellent job at holding its value. Vintage and used Rolex watches are always in high demand. Some vintage styles can even go up in value depending on how sought-after they are!

A new Rolex will depreciate in value much faster than a used one. If you buy one of these luxury watches second-hand, you can get a great deal on a watch that still holds value.

You’ll have comfort knowing that if you ever need to sell your Rolex, you can do so with ease. If you need money fast, you can make most of your initial investment back should you need to sell it.

The Thrill of the Chase 

When you purchase a used Rolex, one of the most exciting parts is hunting down just what you are looking for. Have you had your eye on a vintage or unique model? There will be no better feeling than when you finally track it down.

No Waitlists!

If you can’t wait to get your Rolex on your wrist, used is the way to go. Many new Rolex models have long waitlists. You’ll bypass the waiting and have your Rolex sooner when you buy a used Rolex.

Where to Buy a Rolex 

Investing in a Rolex is not cheap. Researching a dealer to buy your watch through is as important as figuring out the Rolex you want to buy.

When choosing a Rolex dealer, make sure to go with a reputable one who has great buyer reviews. Visit the store in person and sit down with the actual salesperson. Find more information here about what a high-quality, pre-owned watch dealer looks like.

You can’t ask too many questions when buying a Rolex. Be ready to try on a variety of Rolex models. A good salesperson will encourage you to take your time and walk you through the buying process.

You Won’t Regret Your Investment When You Buy a Rolex

Although a new Rolex means peace of mind, you can’t beat the value and character of a used Rolex. No matter what you choose, you’ll get a lifetime of enjoyment when you buy a Rolex.

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