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Remodeling a Garage: The Necessary Steps

Many Americans don’t know how to use their garage. Most households in the states waste this precious space.

While it was designed to be a space to park your car, most people have too large of cars, or too many cars, to park them inside anymore.

As a result, the American garage has become a glorified storage closet. Most are unorganized, messy, and a complete waste of real estate.

Want to put your garage to good use? Interested in remodeling a garage to turn your oversized closet into something more valuable?

It’s easier to do than you might think. Keep reading below for some handy garage ideas to help you plan your garage renovation. 

Clean it Out

No matter what you plan to do, cleaning out your garage is the first and most important step. Clearing out the clutter will give you fresh eyes to see your space and to reimagine its potential.

Do your best to get rid of or sell anything you no longer need. The less stuff you need to store, the better.

Add Racks, Shelves, and Cabinets

You’ll likely still have plenty of stuff to store in the garage. But you could do it in a much more efficient manner.

Your goal should be to get everything off the floor and to condense it all into easy-to-store and organize bins.

Add shelving in your garage that will fit a bunch of plastic totes and label each one. You can also install a ceiling rack, where you can store stuff that doesn’t get used very often, completely out of the way.

If you have a bunch of small items you need to keep in the garage, then get a few storage cabinets so that your garage looks clean and organized. 

Redo the Flooring

Your garage remodel isn’t complete until you redo the flooring. Whether you want to park your cars in the garage or use the garage as a man cave, customizing the flooring is a worthwhile task.

You can keep it simple by staining and sealing your concrete, or add a new layer on top to make it feel nicer under your feet. 

Swap Garage Doors

If you want to freshen up both the inside and outside of the garage, then you’ll want to replace your boring old garage door. Consider adding a beautiful wood garage door to add elegance and character to your home.

A new residential garage door can also add windows, letting in natural light. It may even insulate better, which is great if you plan to use your garage for any type of activity. Check out lodidoor.com for wood garage door ideas. 

Remodeling a Garage Into a Room

Looking to turn a home garage into another room? Many people convert an unused garage into a bedroom, especially in older, smaller homes.

It’s not always a good idea, as doing so in some cases can lead to a lower property value. But if your home is small, and the garage is too small for modern SUVs, then using it as a place to park cars isn’t worth it. 

Make Your Garage Stand Out

Remodeling a garage is one of the easier things you can do to make your home more enjoyable. It rarely requires any structural changes. You really just need to clean, organize, and add a few cosmetic touches to make your garage stand out from all your neighbors.

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