The smartphone and laptop industries have a high penetration rate in the Australian market due to demographic and economic factors. E.g. the website Statista claims that by 2025 the smartphone market alone within Australia is expected to soar to 21.5 million users. By natural extension, there’s a booming market among shops that specialise in laptop & mobile phone repair in Sydney, among all major cities and towns within Australia itself. As technology grows more complex with each passing day, DIY videos that serve as guidance to fix issues with mobiles and laptops could end up being an even bigger disaster.

The decision to repair rather than replace

There could be a variety of reasons to repair smartphones and laptops rather than just replace them. This could be budgetary, emotional or some form of resistance to change. However, the nostalgia attached with one’s phone or the sheer amount of data in the form of pictures or even work files is enough to make one run to the nearest shop for mobile phone repair in Sydney. However, there are also certain things to consider before deciding between repair and replacement.

Smartphones as an embodiment of digital identity

In today’s world, one could refer to data as the new oil. Smartphones have become part and parcel of everyday life, reflecting our digital life. The forecast 21.5 million smartphone users reflect 80% of the Australian population. Every smartphone or laptop user generates a digital footprint with their everyday use of technology that forms part of their digital identity. There are so many data points that can be vulnerable. These include location history, banking details, personal photos and videos, confidential work papers etc. making it imperative that we take care of these devices like one would take care of their physical existence.

Choosing the right mobile repair shop

Handing one’s smartphone to a repair shop is just as important as choosing a hospital for treating one’s ailment. It should be a well-examined and informed decision. Certain traits to look out for in the shops include

  • the period of existence of the shop
  • their reviews on Google and other websites
  • turnaround period to return the device
  • An offer of any warranty for the service performed etc.

In general, the variety of services offered should be an indicator of reasonable assurance regarding their expertise in handling the devices. In 2011 the mobile phone market share of iOS phones was around 75%. In 2020 this came down to almost 50%. Therefore a shop that handles a variety of brands would be the right choice. Next, the aspect of affordability and repairs cost ought to be proportionate to work involved.


Before submitting the device for repairs, check whether insurers have it covered. Some mobile phone repair shops within Sydney offer free insurance reports as well. Most insurances have fine-tuned clauses that may lead your repair to be under exclusion under certain circumstances. However, consulting repair phone shops in Sydney beforehand would give you a better perspective.

Some other things to keep in mind

  • If your device is locked, disable the pin or password before handing over the equipment (in case turnaround time of more than a few hours).
  • Make sure to switch on the ‘find my phone’ feature available under settings.
  • Be sure to make a back-up copy of all essential documents and files. Also, remove any confidential details from the laptop.
  • Do not have any apps or other insecure data files as to banks, personal finances. Restrict access or remove such files.
  • If one is getting the device formatted, it would be a good idea to back-up all settings as well so that after the repairing, the laptop owner can start from where they had left it.