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Interior Design Trends 2022: The Perfect Wooden Benches for Your Look

Would you like to warm up the inside of your home while adding a little bit more seating to it? Wooden benches will make this possible.

There are quite a few different types of custom wooden benches that you can incorporate into your home. Many of the latest interior design trends include custom-built wood benches.

Continue reading to learn about some of the wooden benches that would work best in your home.

Wooden Entryway Bench

One of the biggest nature trends in 2022 is finding ways to build a bridge between the inside and outside of your home. What better way to do this than by investing in a wooden entryway bench?

You likely already have an outdoor wooden bench (or two!) on the exterior of your home. So why not create a connection to it by situating a wooden entryway bench in your foyer or mudroom?

Wooden Storage Bench

Homeowners spend billions of dollars on self-storage every year. They do it because they don’t always have enough storage on the insides of their homes.

One way to beef up your home’s storage without cutting into your square footage is by sticking some wooden benches that are designed to store things throughout your home. You’ll be surprised by how much stuff you can fit inside of them.

Wooden Bathroom Bench

In theory, placing a wooden bench into a bathroom might not seem like the smartest idea because of all the moisture in it. But there are special wooden benches that are made to be used in bathrooms.

You can make a bathroom in your home feel more like a spa by incorporating these kinds of wooden benches into it.

Wooden Live Edge Bench

Each of the wooden benches that we’ve discussed thus far is going to look gorgeous in your home. But a wooden live edge bench will blow you away with just how beautiful it is.

You can stick a wooden live edge bench into almost any room in your home and have it look amazing. Whether you want to put one in a living room, a dining room, or even a bedroom, it’ll be the perfect addition to any area.

Visit dumonds.com to discover more on live edge benches and what they bring to the table.

Which of These Wooden Benches Would You Like for Your Home?

If you look at just about any list of interior design trends, you’re sure to find wooden accents sprinkled into the mix. It’s why you should give some serious thought to adding a few wooden benches to your home.

Wooden benches won’t always be the most comfortable places to sit for long stretches of time. But they will provide you with some short-term seating while also improving the appearance of your home dramatically.

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