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When it comes to company equipment there typically isn’t a limit when it comes to maintenance, repair, and protection. For every piece of equipment that doesn’t work, that’s money being lost each and every day. The realistic thing to do will be to repair the equipment then sign up with a company that will maintain the equipment so it doesn’t happen again.

The equipment of a company is what makes your company run. So making sure that you have the best equipment and that it’s taken care of is only realistic. Does that mean that sometimes you may have to pay a little more for the equipment and service Sometimes, yes but it’s worth it?

What is an air hoist?

An air hoist is an instrument that is used to lift a load by using a drum. It is used also to lower loads. A lift wheel can be used also. This device can be used in a number of ways. It can be used by electricity or manually.

Benefits of an Ingersoll Rand Air Hoist

Ingersoll Rand Air Hoist is an excellent tool that has all of the capacity it needs to handle your working equipment. This device is part of the HKL Series. It has the remarkable ability to work with a larger chain in order to fit a 3/8″ chain so that it can handle higher loads. This device can easily handle up to 6 metric tons.

The Ingersoll Rand Air Hoist is designed for uninterrupted service. So there’s no worrying about the device having to stop for any reason. Another special attribute about this device is that it is designed to keep dirt out of the motor. Not only does it keep out dirt, but also moisture, dust and more. Then is able to occur by the air that is being forced out. This forced air keeps out anything that doesn’t belong in the motor including gases.

Many customers prefer using air hoists because of their special ability when it comes to avoiding electrical shock. Due to the reduced chances of electrical shock, it makes the perfect candidate for environments such as refineries, chemical plants, etc.

What makes this air hoist by Ingersoll Rand so popular is that it is also designed to have meticulous load-spotting abilities, which are due to the extraordinary speed of the pull chain and also the direction controls. Certain parts on the air hoist are exchangeable with other air hoists by Ingersoll Rand. These parts are the throttle and the motor. Also, the brakes are interchangeable with various air hoists.

Some Different Types of Air Hoists

  1. Air Chain Hoist
  2. Air Hoist 12
  3. Ultra lo manual Chain Hoist
  4. Kinetic sidekick 3/4
  5. ARO 1/2 ton Air Hoist

Each piece of equipment is designed to have specific features. For example, the Ultra lo manual may be perfect for low lifting. Choosing the right device to take care of the needs of the company is important. Making sure that the equipment has all of the useful attributes needed to get the job done. So a business owner will need to take the time and decide which device will be perfect for the type of lifting that needs to be done on his/her site.

Ingersoll Rand is an industrial manufacturer that has been in the business for a long time. Customers depend on companies that have been built a reputation when it comes to professional service and high equipment standards.

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