How You Can Prepare Your E-commerce Shop for School Reopening

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most schools were closed the past year. Students and teachers were sent home to do classes online. This has posed new challenges to all academic stakeholders. Even parents were affected, who had to assume double duties, both as caregivers to their children and as supplemental tutors.

Thankfully, the government has been delivering a robust vaccine rollout. Soon it will be safe enough to reopen schools for face-to-face classes. Children will once again need school supplies, from cool bags to even cooler notebooks. And parents will want their kids to look their best once they go back to the classroom. They’ll be shopping for new sets of wardrobe for their little ones. Your e-commerce shop is bound to get busy. Here’s how you can prepare for this eventuality.

Market aggressively

E-commerce offers endless opportunities for sellers. And the playing field is leveled somehow. You can compete head-to-head with big retail outlets so long as you consistently deliver top-notch products and services. That goes without saying that the competition is stiff. After all, many entrepreneurs want to claim a piece of e-commerce’s humongous pie.

Here’s where aggressive marketing comes in. You need to get your name out there through various channels. Mix and match your marketing portfolio. Campaign on social media, or use SMS marketing. Whatever it takes to reach your target audience, do it.

Make sure your inventory can keep up

You market aggressively. And your efforts prove effective. Soon you receive orders upon orders. That is only to realize you do not have sufficient inventory. That easily spells disaster.

The worst-case scenario is you process orders you can’t deliver. At least not anytime soon because you’re still waiting for your stocks to be replenished. The best-case scenario is you’ll be putting orders on hold and placing customers on a waitlist. Both paint you as an ill-equipped business person. And that’s enough for you to lose your customers’ trust. They won’t mind looking elsewhere. The moral of the story, never to overpromise and underdeliver.

Buff up your delivery system

Ideally, you team up with suppliers who hire a dependable logistics company. That way your orders always arrive on time. And you don’t have to make your customers wait. Furthermore, you need to partner with a delivery service provider who’s just as dependable when moving products from your warehouse to your customer’s residence.

And it’s not enough that your parcels arrive at their destination. They should arrive in the best condition possible. Make sure that the delivery company you hire employs people who have a sense of responsibility and accountability. They consider each parcel under their care with the utmost respect.

Optimize customer service

E-commerce shops need to be prepared for the onslaught of customer inquiries, especially during peak seasons. Try to walk in the shoes of your customers. They order online, and many things can go wrong. They need your constant reassurance that while things can go wrong, none will.

Consider customer service automation. At least as a supplemental channel to your customer service representatives. That way, you can respond to customer queries even outside work hours. And you’ll get to easily manage those inquiries where template answers will suffice. Your customer service representatives can then zero in on more pressing concerns that require human intervention.

Prioritize quality assurance

These days, customers won’t think twice about sending back a product that they find underwhelming. This situation complicates your operation. Also, it directly affects your profit margin. Avoid returns from happening through proactive quality assurance.

Upon receiving orders from your supplier, check everything. Before sending out a product, recheck with keen attention to detail. Your goal is to limit the release of defective items. You can return those to your supplier too.

Now, if you make your own products, the more crucial quality assurance becomes. After all, you got no one else to blame. Do things right the first time.

E-commerce has grown exponentially in the past decade. And last year’s delicate state of affairs did nothing to derail its growth. In fact, the pandemic contributed to the industry’s sustained expansion. If you’re already doing business via e-commerce, consider yourself lucky since you made it in time for the proverbial gold rush. Even after the pandemic official ends, e-commerce won’t slow down.

Just make sure you deliver everything you promise. Do the essential preparations for high-sales seasons, such as the reopening of classroom classes. Refer to the recommendations listed above, and you’ll be on the right track. You’ll be hitting targets for sure.

Meta title:Back-to-school Preparations for E-commerce Businesses
meta desc: With the vaccine rollout, schools are considering reopening. Keep up with the customer during the school season with these essential preparations.