How to Survive a Divorce: 3 Helpful Tips

Divorce sucks.

But if you’re here reading this, you probably knew that already.

Processing the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things we as caring, social, loving beings have to go through. Divorce isn’t just a loved one’s loss—it is the loss of our lives.

Many times we’re left with questions that can never be answered. Then, while we’re struggling to emotionally process everything, there are also formal procedures demanding our action. It’s overwhelming. But if you’re reading this, that means you’re making an effort to help yourself get through it.

You know you’re going to be fine, you just need support getting from point A to point B.

Keep reading for three tips on how to survive a divorce.

  1. Connect With Your Support Groups

In a long-term marriage, we often come to rely on our spouse for all our emotional needs. They’re the person at the forefront of our lives, a key player, so it makes sense to turn to them when you need support.

It’s important to remember that while they may be gone, your need for comfort and reassurance isn’t.

Now is the time to reconnect with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while. Make a list of old friends you remember sharing a supportive moment with in the past and make an effort to reach out to them. It could be as small as leaving a comment on their new Instagram post, or as big as calling them up in tears.

  1. How to Survive a Divorce: Self Care

Now that you’re starting to feel more safe, secure, and supported, it’s time to take a look at your health.

As much as you want to take a bubble bath and call that the end to your self-care, the truth is nothing beats exercise.

But exercising is hard work, literally, and often it’s the last thing you want to get up and do.

The good news is that every type of exercise, as long as it requires mental focus and an elevated heartbeat, contributes to lower blood cortisol levels and raises endorphins.

Something low-impact like yoga, Tai Chi, and even breathing exercises can lower stress and help you in surviving a divorce.

  1. Deal With the Boring Stuff

Sooner or later you’re going to have to answer to The Man.

Some people find the legal aspect and bureaucracy of divorce to be the worst part. You’re already dealing with so much, now you have to divide all your assets and make sure you’re left with enough to feel stable afterward.

On the bright side, a good family lawyer can help you with this part of the divorce process.

They help with difficult situations like family mediation, going through a divorce checklist, and filling out confusing (check it out) child custody forms.

Remember: You Are a Survivor

You’re going to make it through. Not making it through isn’t an option.

Keep putting one foot ahead of the other, and permit yourself to grieve and to take a few steps back now and then.

Hopefully, after reading this you’re feeling more confident in knowing how to survive a divorce.

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Hemant Kumar
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