How to Start a Police Challenge Coin Collection for Beginners

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Are you thinking about starting a coin collection, but want something much more unique than half-dollars? If so, why not start a police challenge coin collection?

Challenge coins have a fascinating history, created to honor and support those in uniform, such as policemen, military, and firemen. They are fascinating to collect, since there’s so much history and variety out there.

To learn more, keep reading for our top tips on starting a police coin collection as a beginner.

Understand Their Meaning

When collecting police coins, you want to make sure you understand their special history and meaning. Challenge coins are thought to have begun after World War I, when officers gave small medallions to their crew featuring their insignia.

Now, challenge coins are used by police departments all over the country. Policemen design coins to commemorate a special event or in recognition of the hard work done by officers, so you’ll find thousands of types of coins out there.

Know Where to Look

Next, you’ll want to know where to find coins. Generally, markets or online are the best places to find coins.

You can browse thrift stores, garage sales, local markets, and estate sales to find plenty of coins. There are also lots of websites featuring vintage and rare police coins, giving you a unique choice of coins to add to your collection.

If you’re after a particular coin, you’ll have the best chance of sourcing it online.

Get to Know the Stories Behind Each Coin

As you start to collect new coins, make sure you know the history and story related to each coin. This makes your collection more special and it also makes for great stories to share with your collector friends.

As you learn more about each coin, you may want to make a few notes or start a spreadsheet, cataloging the history and meaning behind each addition to your collection.

Decide How to Store Your Collection

Thinking about storing coin collections safely is important too. Ideally, you’ll want a case or boxy to keep all your coins in.

You can find clear sleeves and binders that are designed for coin collections, useful because they are see-through, letting you view each side of the coin without having to touch it. You don’t want fingerprints or dirt on your coins, so this is important.

Start Your Police Challenge Coin Collection Today

Are you ready to get started? You’re sure to love this fun new hobby, so use the tips above to start your police challenge coin collection.

It may take some time to build up your collection, but you’ll enjoy the whole process! It’s exciting to meet fellow coin collectors and it’s also a fantastic hobby for anyone with an interest in military or police history.

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