How to Prepare for Your Session at Songmill Music Studios?

Recording studies have an environment with a set of rules. Also, this environment demands its own sets of behaviors. Thus, before you go into a studio, you must know what to expect and do. So, how exactly can you prepare for your session at Songmill Music Studios? Here are tips you might find helpful:

Get Some Experience Under Your Belt

Consider spending time at a friend’s studio to get to know the different pieces of equipment and what it’s used for. Also, get a few basic tracks on tape, so you can get a sense of how you sound in a studio setting and how it feels to plunk yourself in front of a microphone. By getting some experience before you go to a professional music studio, you will know what to do when you finally decide to spend real money. 

Make a Click Track Your Friend

With a click track, you can more easily edit and layer tracks. Even if you can keep time, you may deviate to some degree without a click. Find the ideal tempo for your song and practice this seriously. Start doing this several weeks before your studio session. Your producer (if you are working with one) will also help you with this part of the process. But, even if you are trying to prepare for your session on your own, it’s going to be doable and fun. 

Work Out Ideas Beforehand

This especially applies if you are working with a band. You want every member of your band to be on the same page, so you don’t burn money and time when you deal with these things at the studio. If you are a solo act, ensure your song arrangement is planned out beforehand. Also, make sure you factor in time, so you can work that out with open-ended collaborations or hired musicians.

Meet in Advance and Tour the Space

If you have booked a studio and still have the jitters, ask the place if you can visit and see the place. This way, you can get your mind going with ideas in advance. This lets you and the engineer communicate to solve any issues before they even arise. By touring the studio space, you can know what to expect or even decide if that studio is truly for you or not. Keep in mind that it is about how you feel and where you feel most comfortable being creative.