How to Make a Name Tag

Is there anything more embarrassing than forgetting someone’s name? You look around, hoping someone new will come to introduce themselves so you can avoid having to ask the person what their name is again. It’s a nightmare, but one that can be solved with nametags. 

Name tags are a must if you’re putting on a corporate event. Your guests will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to remember hundreds of names and faces. Once you’ve decided to use name tags, you’ll have to figure out how to make a name tag. 

The article below will explain the process of making a name tag for a corporate event. This article will help you go through all the steps you need to make name tags that your guests will love. Read on to learn more about the process. 

Start by Choosing a Name Tag Material

You can choose a simple stick-on nametag with paper and adhesive, or you can get fancy with a framed name tag. Some people choose to get name tag inserts that slide inside a pouch that hangs around their guests’ necks.

If you want guests to have name tags for use on more than one occasion, you can get magnetic name tags printed on metal. Once you’ve chosen the name tag design, you can start to think about the design.

Design Your Name Tag

What is a name tag used for? It can be used to display someone’s name, or it can include more information such as their title, company, or a fun fact about the person.

The more information you want on your name tag, the bigger it will have to be. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the name is displayed prominently, no matter how much other information you have on the name badges.

You can do this by making the name text a different color than the other text or making it bigger than the other text displayed on the tag.

Prepare for Last-Minute Changes

Imagine that you made all your name tags for your event’s attendees. You’re ready to go, then find out at the last minute that 20 new people are coming. What do you do?

You can get around this problem by bringing blank name tags to the event and allowing people to write their info on the name tag.

Alternatively, you could bring a printer to the event and ensure that the new people have name tags that look just like everyone else’s name tags. 

How to Make a Name Tag That Attendees Love

Now that you know how to make a name tag, you can create tags that will make life easier for all your guests.

Remember to consider all the different types of name tag material and information you want on the tag before you begin the design process. You can learn more about name tags and other corporate topics by reading all the articles that go live on this site each month.