How to Hire a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

Not all lawyers are the right professionals to handle bankruptcy cases. Bankruptcy laws, which represent a completely unique niche, are way different from civil and criminal laws. The lawyers handling bankruptcy cases have profound knowledge, specialization, competence, and experience in this particular field. Therefore, if you ever feel the need for a bankruptcy filing, only a bankruptcy lawyer and not a general practitioner can help you with sound legal advice.

However, not all bankruptcy lawyers are equally competent. Some are excellent, some are mediocre and the least said about the rest, the better. For you, the challenge is to find out a good Toledo bankruptcy lawyer. Followings are some suggestions to help you in this regard:

Personal Referrals

Anyone you know, who has a good experience of working with a bankruptcy lawyer in Toledo, is the best source to ask for a referral. If you know any practicing lawyer, a judge or anyone who was in this profession for years, the person might help you with some recommendations.

But make sure to meet the lawyer in person, discuss your situation and ask how he or she can help. The personal assessment is important even if the lawyer is recommended and respected by many.

Lawyer-Referral Panels

Most county bar associations are a good source of getting the names of practicing bankruptcy lawyers in your area. Remember that screening the lawyers is not the responsibility of the bar associations. It’s up to every potential client to check the competence and experience of the lawyer referred by them.

Group Legal Plans

Are you a registered member of a plan that offers low-cost or free legal assistance and bankruptcy-covering plans? It could be the first stop for finding a good bankruptcy lawyer.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid provides sound legal assistance in many areas. However, not all offices do bankruptcies. In fact, you will find only a few dealing with the matter.

Online Directories

Internet is a gold mine for finding a good bankruptcy lawyer. You will find a list of bankruptcy attorneys practicing across your locality, city, and state. From the directory, you will find useful information about the lawyers, including their experience, skillset, philosophy on client representation, types of cases they handle most of the time and typical fees.

Legal Clinics

Many law schools run legal clinics and offer free legal guidelines to those in need. Some legal clinics, just like Legal Aid, have the same income requirements whereas others provide free services to people with low or moderate-income ceiling.

What Qualities Should You Look for?

The first step of finding a reliable and efficient bankruptcy attorney is to understand essential qualities. If you have a clear idea about what qualities you’re looking for, you can prepare the right set of relevant questions to ask your lawyer and ultimately, end up hiring the best professional in the business.

The basic qualities that you should look in a good bankruptcy attorney are as follows:

  • Competence
  • Experience
  • Reasonable fees

In addition, also consider the following factors to decide if the lawyer is the right person to rest your faith in:

  • If you will feel comfortable working with him or her
  • If he or she has the patience to listen to the clients
  • If the lawyer will be available throughout the bankruptcy process
  • If he or she explains the details to the clients