Why Valet Parking Kiosk is an Important Feature for All Hotels

Times have changed since when it was only important to provide a clean bed and hot food. Hotels now must provide so many features to attract customers that competitiveness makes them battle for new technologies all the time. See how modern hotels look like here.

One of the highly important, and also very interesting features is the valet parking kiosk. As one of the latest technologies invented for this need, the kiosk is a great way to show clients why choosing the exact hotel is the best decision they made.

In this article, we’re going to explain why this feature is important if you want to make the hotel you’re running a top of the line property that every visitor will love. Read on and find out!

Parking is the first impression

Everyone knows that there’s no second chance for a first impression. When clients come to visit a place, the first experience they have is the parking lot.

You might have noticed that some hotels around the world have no place for parking. These properties simply can’t compete with the competition especially when the price is in question. People who go to a certain hotel, also feel like they’re abandoned by the staff because there’s no one taking care of their vehicle while they are doing something else. See why first impression is important here:

But, this is all a second-hand experience we just talked about. The first impression when a client gets in front of the hotel is the parking. If there’s no one regulating it, this leaves the impression that no one cares. If the lots are poorly made and it looks more like it’s abandoned rather than private property, this also gives an impression like no one cares.

On the other hand, if you install high-tech kiosks, barriers that are automatic and recognize the guests, and provide other modern technological features, it will make your clients feel like rock stars. Everyone likes to feel important especially when paying for their stay somewhere away from home.

Safety should be a top priority

When you let people park their cars on the streets, you risk their vehicles get damaged or even stolen while they are staying at your hotel. If something like this happens, you’re going to be the one that is blamed. Maybe not directly, but the memory will remain that while the guests were staying in your place, they got their car damaged. You’re going to be linked in their memory with this event.

This is a terrible way to leave an impression. Customer retention and satisfaction are some of the most important points in the marketing world and experts claim that 80% of profits come from 20% of most satisfied customers. If you manage to make clients more satisfied, the profits will go up.

Making people’s belongings safe is your job. It should be a priority too. Investing in parking equipment should be one of the first things you do when you decide to improve the hotel. For this, you’ll need to research on the internet what can be done.

How to make your parking better?

The first thing that must be done is providing enough lots for your guests. When this is done, you need to secure the place and make sure no other cars will get inside. For this, you’ll need to surround the place with a fence, walls, or whatever you think suits the most. Make sure it looks good, don’t make it a junkyard.

Finally, involve technology. Make sure every corner is covered with cameras. Invest in new models and make sure the resolution is high enough so details can be seen. In a case of damage, you need to find the person responsible for it as fast as possible.

Also, you need to install other equipment that will make the experience better. The valet parking kiosks are equipped with all kinds of modern technologies driven by artificial intelligence that lead the drivers to the nearest place with perfect precision leaving no place for a mistake.

This makes it great for managers too because there’s no need for employees and additional salary fees. The kiosk is doing everything by itself making the whole process automated and without the chance of a human error.

Depending on the type of technology you’ll order, you can get lots of features that will make the whole customer experience amazing. For example, the software of the valet kiosk is connected to an app that through the internet can be connected with the vehicle owner’s smartphone.

This way, they can always see what is happening to their car through some of the cameras installed on the place. This feature and many others make the whole thing seem like a part of the future, and people love futuristic stuff.

Consider the valet parking kiosk for hotels as a part of your marketing strategy, but also think about how much money you’ll save over the year by cutting down people who are often making mistakes even though their job is very simple. Their salary will stay in the company’s budget, and the number of problems will be lowered to zero.


All these things explain why it’s great having one of these machines on your property. Other hotels may have all kinds of entertainment and useless offers, but no person will be disappointed by the stay when they see how you handled the parking problem.

Research shows that one of the biggest problems for people trying to book a hotel over the internet is not having where to park their vehicles. Some might think that this is nothing special but actually, for many people, this is one of the most important issues that turn them off from booking somewhere.

They might love everything else, but having in mind that their car will need to stay on the street day and night gives them chills, and they’ll choose another place. Don’t let this happen to you.

Hemant Kumar
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