How Music Can Offer Solace in Troubling Times

Music has been known to evoke emotions in people. Listening to a musical piece is enough to move someone emotionally. These musical pieces are often those that we have strong personal memories of. In a study published by the University of Jyväskylä – Jyväskylän yliopisto, music can bring about positive emotions through personal memories. But can this help in troubling times today? 

It is almost hard to imagine to find people who aren’t emotionally attuned to music. Even if you aren’t a musician, you can still love music. In fact, many medical experts have attested to the benefits of music therapy and how it can relieve anxiety and put one at ease. 

Music Therapy: A Burgeoning Field

In an article by Harvard Medical School, music therapy is a field that is slowly growing in popularity. Those who are certified music therapists are usually musicians who are well versed in their craft. They know that music can evoke powerful emotions in people and relieve them of their stress and anxiety. These music therapists can help patients get through their medical procedure by finding the right genre to soothe them. 

Solidarity in Lockdown

During the lockdown start last year, governments worldwide issued a stay-at-home order that confined people to their homes to contain the virus’s spread. Alberto Gestoso, a 37-year old scientist from Spain, moved his keyboard to his apartment’s balcony and serenaded his neighbors. Alex Le Brontorrent soon followed him on saxophone, who lived a few doors down. Both men didn’t know each other, but they played an improvised duet of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” The moment everyone interacted with the music was captured on Instagram and went viral. 

This is one of the defining moments on how music can unite people across all walks of life. The pandemic has brought people’s lives to a standstill, and music can be a great way for everyone to disconnect and have a sense of relief during these trying times. 

Dr. Cristina Barcelo, a family therapist, told Billboard that music is scientifically proven to special effect on the brain, the body, and even the emotional aspects of the human being. Barcelo, who uses music therapy on her patients who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, or depression, says that any form of musical activity is a must because of the positive effects that it can bring to one’s mind and soul. 

Classical Tastes for the Best Therapy

Barcelo also added that the best kind of music to put you in a more relaxed mood, especially when you feel anxious, is any music genre that can produce more relaxation in your brain waves. Some examples of this are classical music, instrumental, and even soft lyrics. 

The pandemic has changed everyone’s lives in every possible way. This has brought about an increased anxiety level for many because of the pandemic uncertainties. Even if vaccines are being distributed, it is still uncertain how economies will recover and if people will regain the jobs that they have lost.

Artists Uniting as One

While it is not the ultimate solution to one’s problems, music can help you relax, even for a while. In 2020, various artists posted on social media to communicate with their fans worldwide. Many of these artists, such as Franco De Vita, have used their music as a way to offer comfort and solidarity during these trying times. 

Music Can Boost Confidence and Improve One’s Mood

There are many benefits to listening to music, but creating music can also have its own rewards. According to a study conducted by the Bournemouth University Dementia Institute (BUDI), music can help boost its listeners’ mood and confidence. The researchers created a unique orchestra for eight people with dementia and their seven caregivers in the study. Students, as well as musicians, also participated in the study. This was a life-enhancing project, especially for those with dementia. 

The researchers found out that those who participated in the orchestra had a lot of fun and learned new skills. Dr. Anthea Innes, head of BUDI, said that music touches people somehow, whether you listen to music or play an instrument.

Music can heal a troubled world because everyone can understand its universal beauty. This is why music lessons are highly valued. After all, music has an indescribable power because it affects people differently. 

De Vita said it best when he said that music is “medicine for the soul.” In a world that needs healing the most, music is there to help heal. 

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