How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help After a Construction Site Accident in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia relies heavily on the construction industry and provides many people with well-paying jobs. But the construction sites stay in the news for other not so pleasant reasons. Accidents at construction sites are pretty common in Philadelphia. These accidents can happen due to many reasons like equipment malfunctions, negligence, and unsafe working conditions.

Fortunately, compensation is in place for you if you are injured working on the construction site. A personal injury lawyer Philadelphia understands your concerns and helps you get the compensation you deserve. 

Construction Accidents in Philadelphia

Construction workers are exposed to many dangers in Philadelphia. Every year, thousands of construction workers are injured at construction sites across the state. According to data, construction site injuries account for almost 20% of all workplace fatalities, and more than 4,000 construction workers lose their lives every year.

Some of the common reasons for construction site accidents are: 

  • Caught between two heavy objects or struck by something
  • The collapse of roof, wall, floor, or trenches or falling objects 
  • Exposure to hazardous and toxic materials 
  • Electrocution/burning
  • Falls from ladders, scaffolding
  • Malfunctioning of construction equipment 

In most cases, these accidents result in serious physical injuries such as broken bones, loss of limbs, burns, loss of hearing, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, overexertion injuries, and sometimes, death. These injuries can have a long-lasting effect on you and your family. They can also put you under a lot of financial and emotional stress. 

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia Help?

As a victim of a construction site incident, you are entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. Your employer is liable to reimburse you for your loss, but most insurers deny or try to minimize the amount of the claim. 

In such cases, you will need an expert personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia who will work with you to determine who could be responsible for your injuries and get full compensation. 

 Saves You From The Paperwork

When you hire a lawyer, you won’t have to worry about all complex paperwork and get your claim completed independently. Insurance companies in Philadelphia have at least 25 days to acknowledge a claim and decide whether they want to accept it or not. 

However, they don’t have a specific timeframe in which the final payment of the claim must be made. Your lawyer can help in speeding up the process and get you your claim as soon as possible. 

Investigate The Accident 

Your lawyer can investigate the accident and collect evidence if the insurer and the employer are not cooperating. They would go through the sequence of events and find evidence if the accident happened due to your employer’s negligence. They will go through the company’s safety record and determine if the company is complying with the safety laws. 

You have to remember that you have a limited window in which you can claim compensation in Philadelphia. You’ll have to inform your employer within 120 days of your accident. In this case, you can seek your lawyer’s help to start the process on your behalf if you are seriously injured. The sooner you claim, the earlier you’ll start the process. 

In case you want to file a lawsuit, you will have two years according to the statute of limitations in Philadelphia. A personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia will work for your interest and help you achieve the best results. 


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