How Are Applications Changing the Business World?

Technology exists to improve and give convenience to people’s lives. Thanks to various technological innovations, we can maximize human potential. For example, technological enhancements have enabled a genius like Stephen Hawking to communicate with others through advanced software and hardware. His motor neuron disease did not hinder him from continuing with his work. 

His work is considered one of the most significant advancements in astrophysics since Albert Einstein. Technological advancements have enabled Stephen Hawking to transcend the limitations of his physical body. His mind became freer because of the progress technology has produced through the years. 

Technological applications know no bounds regarding their reach. Ever since its inception, technological advancements were primarily motivated by the desire for profit. At first, the invention of the engine was made for transportation and manufacturing. Without the engine, we would not be mass-producing a lot of the modern amenities we have today. 

The invention of the integrated circuit made us progress further into almost space technology. Integrated chips have catapulted our species to new heights exponentially. According to Moore’s law, the number of integrated circuits per board will only increase in the multitudes as people find more ways to be more efficient concerning circuit placement and material usage. 

About our personal software applications, an update exists now that allows the program to run more efficiently and with less power. Through the help of these software applications, various industries are being proactively changed for the better. 

How are these applications changing the field of business? 


Connecting to other businesses and your customers becomes easier and quicker because of these applications. Because of software applications, companies became even more accessible to their customers through the in-phone app. While before, it takes a subscription service for businesses to let their customers know their upcoming sales and promotions. It will only take a single notification for their clients or customers to know that their new marketing move is in play. 

Clients have the incentive to keep track of what these businesses are selling because of the various discounts and giveaways they can get through tracking. They are also given a chance to communicate their concerns, feedback, and requests with only a push of a button. 


It has never been easier to conduct business. Through the help of applications, businesses can now station themselves everywhere — even on the go. Local moving companies are now accessible and available with a push of a button. Payment has also gone cashless. Banks are now allowing withdrawals and deposits through their mobile applications. 

The pandemic has pushed the majority of businesses to shift towards creating their own apps to conduct business. In a mad dash to develop software applications, companies were forced to develop e-commerce websites and e-commerce applications to survive. 

Even if the application’s purpose is to inform the public and the market that the business and its products exist, these applications became a critical part of the business model amidst the ongoing pandemic. The ability to work remotely was found to be so efficient and cost-effective. Software applications allow workers and management to do work wherever they are. This trend will likely continue post-pandemic. 


Because of applications, businesses have simplified and have streamlined the processes involved in manufacturing, assessment, marketing, and selling. Decades ago, it would take a chemical engineer to run, in full scale, a medicine manufacturing plant. Now, through software, most of these steps can be run with a press of a button. While the expertise of engineers would still be needed, physical presence need not be required from them. A simple employee can run the factory single-handedly and without breaking a sweat. 

Applications have also simplified the way business end-to-end processes happen. For example, the customer would never see the way the logistics will be handled from his app. While the customer would only use a single button to add his intended products to the cart, the business, through the application, will figure out the logistics of delivery on behalf of the sale just made. 

These problems are simplified and reduced into essential functions through applications so that they need not hinder or prevent the process from getting the solution. 

Data and Information 

The free flow of data and information was made available by modern applications. Because of software applications, data can be acquired anytime and anywhere by those who need it. Businesses are now always on guard for possible company, product, and service reviews. Applications are singlehandedly changing the method businesses conduct themselves. 

Because they are now being watched all the time, they have more incentive to do better in their field. Data and information have been democratized to the benefit of the ordinary user. 

Applications have become somewhat necessary, especially during a pandemic that promotes social distancing. There is more to expect from this advancement as things continue to change and adapt to trying times. 

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